Superman Vs Darkseid (Who Would Win A Fight)

Darkseid is a character who will be known by avid comic book fans, but the public will not know him nearly as well as Superman.

To answer the question simply, Superman Vs Darkseid (Who Will Would a Fight), I will refer to “Superman Versus Darkseid: Apokolips Now Vol 1 1” in which Superman defeats Darkseid. Initially, the two were evenly matched but Superman persists and eventually beats Darkseid.

In this article, we will look closely at potential and actual battles between the two characters in more detail, and attempt to get to know Darkseid more. But first, we will compare Superman against Darkseid.

Superman Advantages

Superman has a number of powers that he can use as an advantage in a fight with Darkseid.


When you think about Superman the fit thought that comes to mind is strength.

We think of Superman as an immensely strong character. Very few characters are in the same league as Superman when it comes to strength and one of them is Darkseid.

However, Superman has far greater strength in recent years than he ever did before. The longer Superman spends under the yellow sun, the stronger he gets. An example of this great strength is Superman’s ability to shift stars to new positions.

Multiple Special Powers

Over the years, Superman has acquired many powers.

Some of these powers may only be mentioned in a single story and we forget that he has them.

Other powers are used frequently in many storylines.

These commonly used superpowers are:

  1. Extreme Strength
  2. Super-fast
  3. Shoots lasers from his eyes
  4. Freezing objects and people with his breath
  5. High levels of agility
  6. He can fly.


When comparing the speed of comic book characters, they are generally compared to the Flash, whose trademark is superspeed.

Superman can run as fast as Flash when running and is much faster when he flies.

Superman is probably the fastest superhero in either DC or Marvel.


When things get too much, even for Superman, he has a team to call upon for assistance.

As a member of the Justice League, he can call for assistance if needed.

Darkseid in fact was at war with the Justice League at one point.

Darkseid does have support in the form of the Female Furies – A group of female new gods who serve Darkseid, and membership of the Legion of Doom.

However, these do not compete with the strength of the Justice League.

Darkseid Advantages

Darkseid has also a number of advantages that he can use in a fight with Superman.


Darkside is particularly good at planning and was voted the eighth most smart evil genius in one article by CBR.

As a new God, he is imbued with super-intelligence.

The various exploits that are recorded in the multiple biographies of Uas/Darkseid do demonstrate that he has high levels of intelligence.

Multiple Special Powers

With these powers, he almost has as many superpowers as possible as Superman.

  1. Superhuman strength,
  2. Superhuman Speed,
  3. Extreme stamina,
  4. Very Durable.
  5. Skilled fighter
  6. Flight
  7. Teleportation
  8. Telepathy
  9. Telekinesis
  10. Immortality
  11. Nigh-invulnerability
  12. Omega effect
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He is certainly a contender to beat Superman so we will look in more detail at both Superman and Darkseid to see if we can pinpoint what will provide the victory in a fight.

Superman Character

Superman is a character that appears in the DC Universe.

He was born on the planet Krypton as Kal-El.

As a baby, he was sent by his parents to earth as a refugee escaping a natural disaster that destroyed his planet.

His parents were unable to leave.

His miniature spaceship landed in the American countryside, on a farm, and his ship was found by Jonathon and Martha Kent who were farmers living on the outskirts o Smallville.

The Kent’s named in Clark Kent and brought him up as their own.

As he grew, they noticed that he was developing various superhuman traits, and they advised Clark to use his powers in service of humanity but to initially try and keep them secret.

As he grew up, he decided to become a vigilante and battle crime.

To keep his identity secret Clark Kent donned a costume and uses the name Superman when fighting crime.

Superman went through college and got a job as a reporter at the Daily Planet Newspaper.

We now know that the source of Clark Kent’s superpowers was the yellow sun that illuminates Earth.

The sun around which Krypton circled was red in color and did not affect him.

Superman was not the first Superhero to appear, that had previously been others, notably Zorro and The Phantom, but Superman became recognized as the standard for Superheroes and when others appeared they were measured against Superman, who to all intents and purposes was seen as the original.

An important part of the characterization was that the writers made Clark Kent timid and awkward with girls, in contrast to his alter-ego Superman who is super confident and a magnet for women.

Since the original Superman stories, Superman has always had superhuman strength, but he was not always as powered as he is in more recent stories.

Lifting a car over his head or breaking chains would be the hardest tasks that he would be seen doing.

As time went on the feats of strength became more dramatic, lifting entire buildings and surviving nuclear explosions.

In the very earliest Superman comics, Superman was not even able to fly.

He would run and then take massive leaps, which were some distance into the air.

By 1940 (two years in) Superman had been written as able to fly and break the sound barrier. As time went on the speed of his flying increased until he was able to match and exceed the speed of light.

Other special powers were also developing and after one year from launch he was given X-Ray vision.

Within ten years this had developed so that he could project searing hot beams of light from his eyes which were hot enough to melt steel.

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Since 1940 Superman has been able to expand his lungs and expel massive amounts of breath, sometimes he can make this breath cold, or it can be used to enable him to survive without air for significant amounts of time.

On the negative side, from the very beginning Kryptonite has been a material that hits Superman with such pain and nausea that he is helpless. Continued exposure would ultimately be fatal.

Jumping forward to the modern Superman, these powers and strengths have developed so much that he is now able to crush diamonds in his hands, move mountains, and planets.

A single punch can shatter a planet. All of this is so much more than the original character possessed.

One Superpower that was used against Darkseid was his “Super Scream” which produces a devastating frequency that can be used to destroy enemies. Superman sang a note that was an exact counter to Darkseid’s natural frequency, and the result was shattered his essence at the level of the soul.

If Superman were to use this superpower at maximum output, it could be damaging to the environment, so Superman usually tones it down and uses it to put enemies off balance.

Darkseid Character

Darkseid is a character within the DC Universe.

The character first appeared as a limited cameo in 1970 and then made his real debut in 1971.

Darkseid is the autocratic ruler of a planet called “Apokolips.”

His ambition is to conquer the universe by removing hope and free will. He is a “New God” and was intended to be one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe.

From early years, Darkseid has been one of the most potent villains opposing Superman and the Justice League.

The biography of Darkseid is quite complex compared to that of Superman, I will attempt to provide highlights.

Prince Uxas, who was the younger son of King Yuga Khan, and Queen Heggra, was the second in line for the Apokolips throne.

As second in line to his older brother named Drax, Prince Uxas has an incentive to shake things up and seize control of the planet himself.

Drax attempted to claim the Omega Force but before this could be accomplished Uxas murdered him and claimed the power himself.

When his skin turned to stone Uxas renamed himself Darkseid.

Darkseid fell in love with a scientist called Suli and the couple had a son Kalibak.

Heggra ordered Desaad to kill Suli, claiming that she was corrupting her son.

The effect on Darkseid was to remove any remaining humanity in him and when his mother ordered him to marry someone else, Tigra, he became even more bitter.

Nevertheless, Darkseid and Tigra had a son called Orion.

In revenge for her killing Suli, Darkseid had Desaad poison his mother to ensure that Darkseid became the sole ruler of Apokolips.

Darkseid then attempted to deal with his son, but this did not work out and Orion grew up as a powerful force of opposition to his father.

Darkseid had one true goal and that was to destroy all free will and hope.

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He wanted to reshape the universe into a reflection of his own image.

To do this he needed to unravel the mystery of the Anti-Life equation which would allow him to have complete control over the thoughts and emotions of the population of the entire universe.

Darkseid is so engrossed in this quest that he disappears for one thousand years. Now just a memory to a few, and completely forgotten by most people.

The story went on following his quest, and many storylines wove an intricate web, however, for the sake of brevity, we will jump forward to when DC introduced the New 52, a new timeline.

In the New 52, Uxas was not a prince but a son of a farmer. He hated the deities of his world and climbed the mountain sewed dissension and then killed them all and stole their powers. He then destroyed his world and created Apokolips.

When New 52 was discontinued yet another backstory appeared in DC Universe: Rebirth 1, where Darkseid first appears as a baby.

As he became a toddler, he starts to kill the Gods of Olympus one by one and stealing their life force.

Eventually, this leads to Darkseid becoming his old self once again and the Justice League becomes aware of him.

So, you can see that Darkseid’s back history is so complex and has been played around with by the writers that it is not clear who Darkseid really is. It is far more complex than Superman.

What we do know is about Darkseid’s modern powers, which we listed earlier in the article.

The Fight: Superman Vs Darkseid

We will base this on the powers of the current Darkseid vs the powers of modern Superman. This seems to be the only point where we can be sure about what powers they both have.

I have canvassed the opinion of several people on this and while I thought that would help in working out who would win, it was a total waste of time in that my panel came out split equally about who would win.

Looking at what evidence they suggested proved their case. I feel that those who supported Darkseid massively underestimated the strength of Superman and his durability.

What my panel did not consider was that if Superman flew to the Sun and did a Sun-Dip he would come out so supercharged that Darkseid would have no chance.

I certainly think it would be a close battle and I guess if the wind were in Darkseid’s favor that he might just win, but the more likely outcome would be a Superman win.

If all else fails, all Superman must do is sing at the correct frequency and Darkseid is done for.


This possibly is the hardest of the fights I have written, the two opponents are so equal in many ways that it is hard to call.

If we excluded Sun-Dips and Superman’s ability to use sonic weapons then I might just be swayed into calling it a draw, but the fact is that Superman does have these abilities, so it must be a slim Superman win!

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