Superman Vs Doctor Strange (Who Would Win A Fight)

Superman may be known as the “Man of Steel” and regarded as the ultimate strongest superhero by some, but the reality is that there are a lot of characters in the comic world who have or could, beat Superman.

The question is whether Doctor Strange could (and should) be one of them.

Superman will come prepared and will attack with maximum power as fast as he can, taking Doctor Strange off guard. By taking this route, Superman, despite his weak defense against magic, will win.

The point about these set fights is that both fighters know who they will be facing.

Superman will know that he is facing a magician, and he knows he has no defense against magic. The only way that Superman will win, is by using tactics.

It would require Superman to hit fast and as hard as he can to debilitate the much weaker Dr. Strange.

Strange does not have super strength or super reactions and if he struck fast enough Superman could finish the fight before Strange had the opportunity to attack.

The magic of Doctor Strange is incredibly powerful and if he gets time to use it, there is truly little he cannot do.

Superman could be sent to another dimension even. But think back to movies you have seen, and it takes a moment to use magic, a gesture, a curse, an incantation.

The second or two that these actions take may well be long enough for Superman to hit first.

Remember, Superman is an excellent tactician and in preparing for this fight will have thought of all the moves he could make.

He will understand the threats he faces and already worked out countermeasures.


Superman the vintage Comic Book character has been around so long and fought so many battles that he will have faced most threats over the years. This is not the first time that he has faced magic and Kryptonite, they are the attack that can make him most vulnerable.

Superman began his life in a small spacecraft alone.

A baby being taken care of by machines and taught the entire science knowledge of his advanced planet Krypton.

When he landed on Earth, he was faced with a yellow sun that was quite different from the red sun of his home planet.

A sun that has given him superpowers. His entire life has been one series of changes, and this has made Superman incredibly adaptable, and unlikely to panic when he faces a difficult situation.

This has been shown time and time again when he faced criminals and aliens that sought to do harm.

He has done that by assessing each threat and acting in the appropriate way, something he is sure to have done when facing Doctor Strange.

Superman’s Weapons

The first and foremost weapon that Superman can use against an opponent like Doctor Strange is brute force.

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With no special protection, Superman could punch Doctor Strange hard enough to put him into orbit.

Doctor Strange is not especially durable. In fact, the only physical skill he has is being a master of martial arts.

Doctor Strange is relying solely on magic.

Superman is also endowed with rapid reactions and incredible speed.

If the magic attack were to hit Superman with any kind of projectile, Superman can dodge the damage.

Of course, if Doctor Strange is placing some sort of curse on Superman that has mental rather than physical impact, then dodging the attack is not an option.

How long does it take to place a curse, would it give Superman time to hit first?

Then we come to the other powers, like laser beams shooting from Superman’s eyes, or freezing breath, or even sonic weapons.

These are all instantaneous and could certainly hit Doctor Strange hard.

Superman has so many options for an instant attack, he is sure to be able to hit before Doctor Strange.

When we describe Superman as having a weakness against magic.

Nowhere do we read that Superman is any more influenced by Magic than any other human.

By weakness, we are comparing Superman’s defenses against magic to his defense against other weapons.

In fact, Superman may well have a greater tolerance to magic than a human.

Could it be that Superman could not fall instantly to any magic attack and in the time before it takes effect, he can counter-attack and destroy Doctor Strange.

Characters That Already Defeated Superman

Before we look at Doctor Strange, we will take a quick run through a list of those who have already beaten superman, maybe this will help us decide whether Doctor Strange is fit to join this illustrious group.

Lex Luther

Lex Luther has been trying to defeat Superman since the very earliest days of the superhero.

In fact, he has beaten Superman on several occasions, but every time he wins, he blows it by his overinflated ego or some kind of stupid error.

We can take one example where he didn’t blow it, and killed Superman, although Supergirl eventually brought him to justice for the murder.

This story was about when Lex convinced Superman that he had cured Cancer, this put Superman’s guard down, and he fell into a kryptonite trap, which resulted in Superman’s death (Superman #149.).


Mongul is a kind of evil genius crossed with ultimate power.

Mongul has managed to beat Superman more than once.

The example we will use is where Mongul traps Superman inside his own daydream.

The really odd thing about that story is that it was Robin that ended up defeating Mongul.

Muhammad Ali

Now, this is getting weird. In this story which they imaginatively called Superman vs Muhammad Ali; we see Muhammad Ali in a boxing match (no superpowers allowed) to decide who should fight an alien challenger.

Without his superpowers, it was not really Superman, the reality was that he would have been Clark Kent fighting.

Superman without powers gets knocked out by Muhammad Ali, who then goes on to fight (and beat) the alien.

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Captain Marvel

The problem for Superman when he fought Captain Marvel, was that as well as matching Superman’s strength, Captain Marvel is powered by Magic.

If there is one weakness that Superman has (other than Kryptonite), it’s magic.

Even though Superman has beaten him on occasions, Captain Marvel joins the “I beat Superman” club.

Green Lantern

The big danger to Superman is normally Kryptonite. Fortunately for Superman that is not a massive problem because it is quite rare.

Unfortunately for Superman, the Green Lantern ring had a kind of Kryptonite substitute inside.

The writers closed that opportunity, but green Lantern was still able to win against Superman with the help of Parallax,


In Superman #677 – #680 Atlas was strong enough to beat the Man of Steel.

Fortunately for Superman Krypto, Superman’s Super Dog was able to overpower Atlas and save the world.

The Joker

Even though the Joker has not managed to beat Batman on several occasions.

On one of the times, he beat Superman, he managed to lock Superman away in Gotham City, Arkham Asylum (I bet Superman was mad!)

Ok, so we can see that Superman is not invincible and can be beaten by the right person.

The question is whether doctor strange is one of them.

The fact that Doctor Strange is so skilled in magic does suggest that there could be an opportunity here for Doctor Strange Win. We will take a closer look at Doctor Strange and see.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a fictional character appearing in Marvel Comic Books.

The character first appeared in Strange Tales #110 in July 1963. Dr. Strange was the Sorcerer Supreme, who is responsible for the protection of Earth from magic, and mystical forces which might threaten it.

In the beginning, Dr. Strange was an incredibly egotistical surgeon, (talented and he knew it).

Following a car crash, the doctor loses the ability to use his hands.

Of course, he cannot accept this and goes on a quest to seek healing.

This is where he meets the Ancient One, who was the Sorcerer Supreme.

Strange becomes a student of the Ancient One and masters sorcery, and martial arts.

During his time as a student, Strange collects a range of mystical objects which include: the Eye of Agamotto, and the Cloak of Levitation.

He returns to New York, where he moves into a mansion which is called the Sanctum Sanctorum, in Greenwich Village.

Strange takes on the title of Sorcerer Supreme and with the assistance of his valet (and friend) Wong, he defends the world from threats.

Doctor Strange Special Powers and Abilities

Magical Master

Having studied under the previous Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange is skilled in magic to the highest level. Something that could be dangerous against Superman.

Mystic artifacts

He has collected a range of mystic artifacts which he can use when needed. These include the following:

Cloak of Levitation

 This is a mystical cloak worn by Dr. Strange. It was described as a relic, but its true purpose is to allow the wearer to levitate and fly.

Eye of Agamotto

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This amulet was used by a previous Sorcerer Supreme. The actual eye is contained within the amulet. The eye can dispel any disguises, or trickery of illusions.

Extreme Intelligence

Dr. Strange is incredibly (genius level) intelligent.

Skilled in Martial Arts

Dr. Strange learned martial arts when he was a student of the Ancient One.

Talented Physician


Compared to most superheroes Dr. Strange does not have a vast array of special abilities or powers.

He would not be able to beat most supervillains or other Superheroes except for magic, where they are susceptible to magic (like Superman).

The Fight Between Superman And Dr. Strange

Doctor Strange will be defenseless if Superman hits hard and fast. He is not able to take the kind of punishment that Superman would be meeting out. In a set fight, Superman will be forced to hit hard as fast as he can, and that is a big problem for Doctor Strange.

Just as Superman has no real defense against magic, so Doctor Strange has little chance of withstanding the physical power of Superman.

Superman has many ways he can attack. It could be the most obvious route with a massive punch that could kill Doctor Strange, but he might also use his heat vision or freezing breath to freeze Doctor Strange and stop him using magic.

I suppose it is a bit like a western gunfight where both fighters draw at the same time.

Whichever draws and fires the fastest if they are accurate will win.

A lot also depends on the type of magic being used. What will Doctor Strange do?

Will he summon lightning bolts, cast a spell to disable Superman.

How long does this take to do, is it faster than the speed of light, which is the speed that his heat/light weapon moves at?

If Doctor Strange fought Superman in a situation where Doctor Strange can plan and execute a sneak attack on him, getting in the first strike, I suspect that there is a chance that Doctor Strange might win.

But we are talking about a set battle where both opponents are aware in advance of what they face, and that is a totally different matter.

I must award Superman the win in this case since he will be sure to attack first, based on his history in previous fights.

This fight scene is one that will put a strain on both competitors, but Superman’s long history of combat will be sure to give him the edge that he needs.

Because this fight is all about making a quick and decisive first strike, this will not be a long battle.

Whoever can make that first strike is going to be the victor and will end the fight.

Vastly different from some other fights where Superman has had to go through a long and brutal slugging match to secure victory.


As you can see, Doctor Strange has an impressive arsenal of powers (mainly magic-related) that he can use against Superman.

Thinking about who would win a fight between Superman and Doctor Strange is an interesting mind exercise that has only one ending and that is that Superman will win this fight.

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