Superman Vs Doomsday (Who Would Win A Fight)

While most of us will have heard of Superman, this is not the case with Doomsday who is a supervillain that appears in American Comic Books (published by DC).

Doomsday is best known for being an archenemy of Superman.

Superman and Doomsday have fought on many occasions but the only times that Superman has beaten Doomsday alone has resulted in both Superman and Doomsday dying. The other successful wins for Superman have always been with the help of the Justice League. Doomsday would win a fight with Superman.

In this article, we will be analyzing how Superman and Doomsday stack up against each other in a fight, to see why Superman cannot beat Doomsday alone.

Superman Advantages

There is a number of powers that Superman can take advantage of when fighting with Doomsday.


Superman, the man of steel, in the early days was described as having “more strength than a locomotive.”

This just illustrates how, over the years, Superman has been made stronger and stronger.

These days we see Superman with the ability to pull continents apart and grasp black holes in his hands.

This is difficult to grasp so in Superman #13 we are told that Superman could bench press the weight of Earth and continue doing so for five days non-stop.

One of the reasons that Superman’s strength is growing is that the longer he is exposed to the rays of the sun, the stronger he gets.

Talking of suns, in later years, Superman was strong enough to manipulate stars, moving them nearer planets that had lost their previous sun.


Speed is an area that is often overlooked when thinking about the powers that Superman can call upon.

As I mentioned in a previous article on how Superman compares with The Flash when it comes to speed, Superman can keep up (and even run faster than The Flash) on foot.

When it comes to flying, he can fly some ten times the speed of his running speed, so to be clear, Superman is one of the fastest Superheroes around, if not the fastest.

Overall, Superman is going to be faster than Doomsday.

Number of Superpowers

Superman has been around a long time and over the decades he has acquired a variety of Superpowers that are only used occasionally.

With so many superpowers to choose from, it is no wonder that some are only needed now and again.

The most used powers are:

  1. Super Strength
  2. Super Speed
  3. Shooting Laser beams from his eyes.
  4. Ice Breath
  5. Super Agility
  6. Flight

Part of a Team

As I said earlier, the only reason that Superman gets to beat Doomsday is that he has a team to back him up.

To give him the edge, he has members of the Justice League who will fight alongside him where required.

Doomsday is a loner and has no backup to call upon.

Manipulation of the Plot

There is no doubt that Superman is by far the more valuable asset compared to Doomsday.

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His writers will, and do, manipulate plots, and write in absurd scenes that make no sense, just to ensure that Superman survives.

Things that should kill Superman are ignored or the plot finds some ridiculous reason why he escaped.

But of course, even death is something that can be worked around if you write comic books.


Whilst Superman is not in the same league as Batman when it comes to brains, Superman is still highly intelligent, and he uses this intelligence to identify weaknesses in opponents.

For example, in a previous fight, on realizing that he was unable to kill Doomsday, he trapped him in the Phantom Zone, a smart move.

Doomsday Advantages

Now we know what advantages can Superman use to win this battle.

Superman has posses a number of superpowers, but will it be enough to defeat Doomsday?

Killer instinct

We all know that Superman is a bit like a “Boy Scout on Steroids.”

He has a strict moral code and always avoids being reckless. It is as if he is holding himself in check all the time.

Superman only kills if he really has no choice.

In contrast, Doomsday has absolutely no sense of morals and the concept of restraint is not in his vocabulary, in fact where Superman’s purpose is to be a Superhero, Doomsday’s purpose is to kill and destroy.

This places Doomsday with the advantage when it comes to fighting Superman.


Now, this is a big advantage that Doomsday holds.

We all know that Superman is virtually indestructible, and it takes a lot to damage him, but he can still die.

This is not true with Doomsday. If you blew Doomsday up with a nuclear device, and then put any remains through a meat grinder, freeze-dried what came out, and smashed it into dust; Doomsday would still come back from the dead.

Even worse is that if you do find a way to kill him, he will come back, no matter what you have done, and he will be armed with a way of stopping that same thing from ever happening again. Doomsday is the most durable supervillain ever.

Imagine an unrelenting enemy that has no restraint and will just keep coming at you, intent on killing.

You manage to fight him off and you even find a way to kill him. You breathe a sigh of relief thinking it over, but then once again he is back armed with a defense to prevent what just worked against him. He is just unstoppable.

Superman was able to trap him in the Phantom Zone, but that would never work a second time. Something equally imaginative would need to happen.

Doomsday Character

Doomsday made his first full appearance in Superman: Man of Steel #18. Prior to that, he had a cameo in Man of Steel #17.

Doomsday is best known for being the only villain to kill Superman.

The character also appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Doomsday was conceived at a meeting of the Superman Writers who were intent on creating an opponent for Superman who had greater physical power than the Man of Steel.

Doomsday Biography And History

Doomsday and Superman both have the same planet of origin.

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He was created from the early prehistoric Krypton, long before the humanoids appeared on the planet.

The creature had extremely limited emotions and those that he possessed were hate and love of destruction and death. The creature went on a rampage destroying worlds until he eventually arrived on Earth and met Superman.

The world into which Doomsday (originally called “The Ultimate”) was born was a prehistoric era about 250,000 years ago.

Only the most capable creatures would survive because of the conditions. In an experiment by an alien scientist, a humanoid baby was born in a lab and then later released onto the planet.

The child did not live long, and the scientist collected his remains were scooped up and used as genetic material to clone a more durable version.

Each time the infant died, and the experiment was repeated, building a stronger and stronger subject each time.

A genetic memory of these failed experiments and repeated death became part of the creature and explains why he hated life so much.

The Ultimate evolved and found ways to thrive in extreme temperatures and to survive without food or air.

It learned how to return to life and adapt to defeat the many creatures that had harmed it. The Ultimate became the top predator on Krypton and eventually killed the scientist.

The Ultimate escaped Krypton when the supply ship that replenished the scientist’s food arrived, and The Ultimate used the ship to commence a spree of murder and destruction across a range of planets. On the planet Byland 5, The Ultimate came across Prince Uxas (the future Darkseid) who recognized The Ultimate’s power and fled the planet.

Next, he came across a Green Lantern called Zharan Pel and stole his power ring, after beating him to death.

Using the ring The Ultimate sensed the Guardians of the Galaxy and set off to find them.

Thousands of Green Lanterns were sent to stop the ultimate and he slew them all.

When he reached Oa, a single Guardian stood to confront him.

Realizing that there was a risk of the Ultimate absorbing all the powers of the Guardians, he sacrificed his life to defeat The Ultimate, and the resulting release of energy, tore the Universe apart and The Ultimate fell through in.

The next major battle was at the planet Calaton, where The Ultimate spent three years laying waste to the planet.

Finally, the remaining royal family combined their life forces to create “The Radiant” and destroyed “The Ultimate” whose remains were shot into space in a casket, which eventually crash-landed on Earth.

Eventually breaking out of the casket The Ultimate began a spree of destruction across the Midwest, USA, where he met the Justice League.

It took him a matter of minutes to defeat them, which alerted Superman to the new threat.

He won this victory while only able to use one arm as one of his arms were still bound by the cables put in place on Calaton.

Only one Justice league member, called Maxima, was able to survive the attack by The Ultimate. Another member of the Justice League on seeing the defeat of his comrades announced that it was “The arrival of Doomsday,” this name stuck, and hereafter The Ultimate was called Doomsday.

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Five Justice League members mounted a new attack on Doomsday, but they made matters worse by breaking the cable that held one of Doomsday’s arms.

Doomsday continued his terrorizing of the Midwest and while doing this he saw some billboards advertising wrestling contests in Metropolis.

This appealed to Doomsday who headed towards the city.

This was Superman’s home turf, so he attacked once again. During the battle, Superman realized that he was not strong enough and that his opponent was gaining strength.

Knowing that if Doomsday reached Metropolis the battle could destroy the city and millions of people.

Doomsday sensed Superman’s Krypton origins, and this increased his desire to kill Superman.

A titanic battle took place which ended only when Doomsday and Superman beat each other to death in front of the Daily Planet building.

In the aftermath of the battle four super-beings arrived and took over the role of Superman.

Two of them announced they were superman. One of them was half man/ half machine and it strapped the body of Doomsday to an Asteroid and threw the asteroid into a path that would never intersect with a planet.

The story in the comic closed with Doomsday waking up on the Asteroid and laughing.

This was not the end as the asteroid was picked up by a salvage ship hoping to find something valuable.

Doomsday murdered the entire crew of the ship and the ship landed on the planet where Darkseid was the ruler (The former “Prince Uxas” mentioned earlier).

This was where the final battle between Superman and Doomsday was to take place.

Doomsday defeated Darkseid and was continuing to devastate the planet Apokolips.

Darkseids servant alerted Superman to what was happening, and Superman and the justice League obtained a sentient computer.

The computer provided Superman with new weapons and Superman traveled to tackle Doomsday, knowing that it was unlikely he would win.

Superman ended up with broken arms and most of his weapons lost.

As a final attack, Superman sent Doomsday far into the future to the end of time where he was trapped.

Superman was healed and was returned to the present by the sentient computer. As soon as Superman was healed the computer ceased to function.

Who Won the Battle?

We can see from the account I have just related that ultimately Superman wins, because of his intelligence and contacts.

The final battle was just between Doomsday and Superman, and although it was a close-run thing, Superman won, in the end, having used the tools and weapons at his disposal, but mainly because he understood that there was one force that Doomsday could not defeat, and that was the end of time itself.

Whilst Superman was losing the battles, his strategy and intelligence enabled him to win the conflict.

Final Thoughts

Doomsday is one of the very few opponents that can challenge and defeat Superman.

Their fight would be an amazing fight to watch and I’d be probably wishing that Superman wins, but considering all the power Doomsday has, this is very unlikely under normal circumstances.

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