Superman Vs Galactus (Who Would Win A Fight)

When we think about the most epic crossovers in Marvel and DC history, one battle that comes to the mind of every comic book fanatic is between The Devourer of Worlds, and the Man of Steel, two of the most powerful entities in both universes.

Well, who would win in a fight between Superman and Galactus; You might be wondering. That’s exactly what I’m here to answer.

If two of the most powerful beings in Marvel and DC in Superman and Galactus go head to head in a one-on-one all-out brawl, Galactus is definitely going to come out on top as a winner because of the planet devouring abilities of the latter despite Superman’s superpowers and abilities.

In this article, I’m going to talk about Superman’s strengths and abilities as well as Galactus’ strengths and abilities along with both of their weaknesses to compare their overall power.

We’re also going to talk about who’d win in a fight between both the characters and how the outcomes will pan out. So, make sure you read this article till the end. 

Superman’s Powers and Abilities

Superman is one of the strongest warriors in the DC universe belonging to Krypton known for his incredible abilities, superb power, love and protection of Earth, and his tremendous feats against some of the biggest and cruelest villains in the comic book universe.

Clark Kent was raised by a somber western family after being evacuated from his dying planet Krypton in his childhood.

His origin is heart-breaking, but he has grown to become one of the highest in terms of morals and protecting human beings and other living beings as well, fighting crime and universal threats and defeating them with the blink of an eye.

Here are some of the most amazing powers and abilities of Superman:

Flight – Superman is known for one ability that is associated with every superhero depiction when we think of it. The power of flight. He can move from one place to another and even go to space without a problem because of his ability to fly.

Heat Vision – X-ray vision or Heat vision is another amazing ability Superman has. He can shoot beams of high-potential laser from his eyes and literally melt his opponents at will which is one of the most OP abilities in comic book history.

Nigh Invulnerability – As seen in the comics, Superman is shown to be nigh-invulnerable. This simply means that Superman is an immortal being that does not feel damage or physical pain through ordinary means.

Super Speed – According to sources, Superman is one of the fastest beings in the DC universe. He’s almost on par with the Flash and has been displayed to have superhuman speed in movie depictions as well as comic books.

Super Strength – Superman is a Kryptonian powered by Earth’s Yellow Sun and that power allows him to be incredibly strong. He is so strong that he can lift buildings and even entire planets if he so wills to do it.

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Freeze Breath – If you thought that’s the end of his abilities, you have an icy fact coming your way. He can also breathe ice and freeze you if you do anything to harm him or anyone he loves. 

Galactus’ Powers and Abilities

If you’re not familiar with the story of Galactus, you must be thinking that he’s been the Devourer of Worlds forever.

Well, before that, he was Galan of the Planet Taa. At the time of the cataclysmic event of the Big Crunch, his planet and his ship were consumed by the end of the world.

However, by making contact with the Sentience of the Universe, he survived the event and transformed into a planet-eating cosmic entity in the form of Galactus who is the eater of worlds in the current universe.

He is a being unlike any other and has incredible powers and abilities.

Here’s a peek at what he has to offer:

Size Alteration – Known to be bigger than entire planets at points within the Marvel comic book universe, Galactus is able to alter his size and achieve humungous sizes so he can properly devour planets and gain their energy.

Cosmic Power – Galactus has the ability to create forcefields as well as project energy known as cosmic power to defend himself and destroy his opponents at the same time which is an incredibly OP ability for a being of his size.

Telepathy – Known to be much better of a Telepath that Professor X and Jean Grey, Galactus can get into people’s heads and even communicate with people who are galaxies away from him because of the extent of this power.

Super strength – Other than his sheer size, he is also one of the strongest in terms of durability and raw power. Galactus has taken hits from the mightiest superheroes of the Marvel universe without even batting an eye which is incredible.

Immortality – As an entity of cosmic proportions, Galactus is an immortal being. He is so powerful and mighty, that any mere hit or physical pain does not affect him and he is completely invulnerable to all kinds of attacks and powers.

Absorption of Matter – When we say Galactus is the Devourer of worlds, it doesn’t mean he eats them. He breaks entire planets down with the help of his energy storage and home unit Taa II and then uses that energy to sustain himself. 

Superman’s Weaknesses

Superman is an incredibly strong being and nobody is saying otherwise, but if you think he’s unbeatable, that’s not the case.

Superman has some very specific weaknesses along with some moral weaknesses that the proper villain and bad guy can clearly exploit and defeat. Let’s take a look at them.

Moral Code – Superman has been raised to be anti-violence and someone who values life a lot. That is why he doesn’t have the will to kill people and take a life which can be very problematic if your opponent is someone who devours entire planets without even thinking twice. 

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Love for Earth – Earth inhabits Clark’s foster mother as well as his one and only love interest in Lois Lane. He loves Earth and has sworn to protect it at all costs which is exactly what an opponent can use against him to make him weak and defeat him. 

Kryptonite – The one true material weakness that Superman has is the ore of Kryptonite. A touch or exposure to Kryptonite can cause Superman to lose all his powers, abilities, and be drained of all his strength making him a vulnerable target. 

Galactus’ Weaknesses

Imagining that someone as cosmically powerful as Galactus has weaknesses can be difficult.

But even the biggest baddies have weaknesses and that includes the Devourer of worlds.

To put things into perspective, here are some of the major weaknesses Galactus has that can be used to defeat him:

Manipulation – Even though he has the power of telepathy and cosmic sentience, he isn’t prone to manipulation as seen in the comics. If an opponent realizes this weakness, Galactus can be cut down to size and defeated. 

Destroying Taa II – Taa II is the home ship and energy reservoir of Galactus that helps him sustain himself by converting entire planets into energy. If an opponent realizes this and destroys or clogs the working of Taa II, then Galactus won’t last very long. 

His hunger – Galactus is known for his insatiable hunger. He always wants to devour planets and his hunger can lead him to take unbelievable actions. If he is unable to find a source of energy at the right time, his hunger can even kill him. 

Magic – As seen in the comics, Galactus is not prone to many things but one of the things he can get damaged and weakened by is magic. Doctor Strange and other opponents that have magic in their arsenal can actually take him down exactly the way they want without their spells and powers. 

Who Would Win In a Fight?

Now that we’ve looked at both Superman and Galactus at individual levels in terms of powers and weaknesses, let’s see who wins in a battle when they’re pitted against each other.

Here are a few incredible scenarios both the beings will find themselves in and the outcomes that will follow them.

Scenario 1: Close Combat

When it comes to close combat and raw power comparison between both the Man of Steel and Galactus, it is a tough call.

On one hand, you have Supes who can punch and literally shoot opponents in the sky and the other is the size of a planet that is amazing in itself.

But if really we think about it, in terms of raw power and overall speed, Superman would overpower Galactus in a close battle because Galactus might be strong but he’s not very fast.

A few rightly placed punches and lightning-fast speed is all it will take.

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Winner: Superman.

Scenario 2: Devouring of worlds

Now, in a different situation, it is quite possible that Superman might encounter Galactus while he is breaking down planet Earth and converting it into energy to devour it.

In this stage, Superman would not be able to utilize much of his strength because of the scale of the process.

In such a predicament, Galactus would not only destroy the world but it is quite possible that he’ll take Superman with it.

So, if he gets to devouring worlds, Galactus would be an unstoppable force.

A force that will not be on the defeated side.

Winner: Galactus. 

Scenario 3: Energy Beams

Both Superman and Galactus are known to be able to shoot beams of concentrated energy towards their opponents in a deadly fashion.

Superman shoots heat vision through his eyes whereas Galactus has his cosmic power and energy projection ability.

In a scenario where both the opponents use their specific powers, the sheer strength and energy volume of Galactus’ energy projectile and force fields will be able to destroy Superman and everything in its way which is very frightening if you ask me.

I wouldn’t want to be in the way of that thing.

Winner: Galactus. 

Scenario 4: Size Comparison

Usually, size might not matter a lot. But when it comes to superheroes and their battles, size and the ability to control them really matters a lot.

Especially if we’re talking about a cosmic being the size of the planet and Superman at the same time.

If Superman and Galactus are compared to each other in terms of size and are pitted in a battle where the bigger sized opponent gets the advantage, overall, Galactus would have the upper hand and would definitely take the win over the Man of Steel.

So, that’s something that you surely need to think about.

Winner: Galactus. 

Scenario 5: Threat to Superman’s loved ones

Superman is a powerful being that often keeps his powers limited to as much as he needs for an enemy and mostly, that power isn’t quite a lot.

The same is the case for Galactus when he fights his battles as well.

But Superman is fueled by the love of his people, love, and family to take drastic actions that even he doesn’t stand by.

So, if Galactus ends up creating a situation where any of the loved ones of Clark Kent are risked or hurt, he would absolutely lose every sense of reality and destroy whatever is in front of him and that includes Galactus. 

Winner: Superman. 


Superman is one of the strongest, most-loved superheroes, but in a realistic comic-book fight situation, he won’t be able to take Galactus down on his own most of the time.

He is powerful but in comparison to Galactus, the extent of the powers is not enough.

Ultimately, it will be a duel to watch. Both Superman and Galactus have a lot to offer and if Marvel and DC ever decide to do this, it will be the biggest battle in the history of all comic book universes.

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