Superman Vs Homelander (Who Would Win A Fight)

Pitting two of the most overpowered superheroes in all comic book fiction, in the red corner we’ve got Superman from the DC universe, and on the blue corner we’ve got the fan-favorite hero/villain in Homelander from The Boys, it’s going to be a fight till the end.

You might be wondering, who would win a fight between Superman vs. Homelander?

Both Superman and Homelander extremely powerful characters and Homelander is one of the few characters who can beat Superman in a direct flight. In a battle between Superman and Homelander, Homelander will win against Superman in most scenarios. If Superman plays his cards right and realizes a darker side of himself, then the playing field is even and both contestants can beat each other down.

In this article, we’re going to rank both Superman and Homelander on their abilities and weaknesses and see how a full-on no holding back battle between both unstoppable, unrelenting forces is going to pan out. So, before you pick a side, make sure you read this piece till the end because you might want to reconsider at the end. 

Superman’s Abilities

The righteous and just superhero protagonist of the DC universe, and the most powerful being in the multiverses, Superman is just a lovable hunk.

He’s an alien that comes from a far-away called Krypton and had quite a tragic origin story of his parents and home planet getting destroyed when he was sent to earth.

Lucky for us humans, he was raised by a wholesome mid-western family that thought him morals and gave him the goal of protecting humanity and doing good deeds.

Otherwise, with the powers, Supes possesses, we humans would be goners in the DC universe if he was to turn bad.

Let’s take a look at the powers and abilities Superman possesses.

  • Heat Vision – Blasting rays of piercing laser through his eyes as we’ve seen in the comic books and a hint in Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice, the heat vision is truly one of the deadliest moves of Superman.
  • Nigh Invulnerability – Superman is nigh-invulnerable. This simply means that what you might expect to damage him would cause no harm whatsoever because of how invincible his character is designed to be.
  • Super Strength – The name Superman is truly defined by the superhuman strength that he possesses. From lifting up whole airplanes to breaking through buildings and punching the life out of his opponents, the strength of Superman is unparalleled.
  • SuperSpeed – In Zack Snyder’s Justice League, we saw a glimpse of how Superman was able to match Flash’s faster than a speeding bullet speed which shows that this OP superhero has got a little bit of everything in him.
  • Freeze Breath – Just when you thought his list of powers is done for, he’s got freeze breath to put a chill on your opinions according to his power-set in the comic books.
  • Flight – One of Superman’s most signature powers is the ability to fly. He can literally move as he wants and even fly into space and recharge his powers since his source of energy is pretty green being the sun that’s literally powering our entire galaxy.
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Superman’s Weaknesses

Now that we know what amazing abilities Clark Kent possesses, how about taking a look at the weaknesses that keep him from going on full beast mode and destroying every enemy including Homelander in this case?

Let’s see what weaknesses our beloved Kryptonian has.

  • Love for Lois Lane – Superman wants to live a normal life without any problems with his love interest Lois Lane. This can be a weakness if any villain or opponent uses Lois Lane’s life against Supes, which will ultimately make him sacrifice himself for who he loves.
  • Morals of Not Killing Anyone – Another weakness that comes with the mentality of Supes, in this case, is the care for humans and the lives of the people around him. He always looks for the good within even bad people and that can cost him in a crucial battle against someone like Homelander.
  • Kryptonite – The one true material weakness that Superman has is the ore of Kryptonite. A touch or exposure to the mineral can cause Superman to lose all his powers and be drained of all his strength making him a vulnerable mortal.

Homelander’s Abilities

The recently aired Amazon Prime Series based on the comic book series The Boys has a super-duper of their own, which might seem like Supes to the casual outsider but every hardcore comic book fan knows how different and unique Homelander is.

Homelander is basically what Superman would be in a much more real-world approach for a comic book where the unrelenting force and superhero powers actually end up fueling his ego and corrupting him.

The origin story of Homelander is actually quite similar to another incredibly well-loved symbol of patriotism and humanity superhero, Captain America.

According to the lore, Homelander is actually a human injected with a serum known as the Compound V that gave him incredibly amazing superpowers which are quite similar but at times better than Supes from DC.

Let’s take a look at them:

  • Superhuman Strength – Like Superman, you have Homelander being able to kill people with a single punch, lift heavy objects, and have an overall superhuman strength within him.
  • Superhuman Speed – He’s also known to be on par with many of the comic book world’s speedsters which makes him a worthy opponent for someone as fast a Superman.
  • Heat Vision – The Heat Vision which we’ve seen on display several times on the Amazon Prime show is one of the most used and severely overpowered and unavoidable powers of Homelander.
  • Telescopic Vision – Homelander is also able to look at very far and distant objects and even is able to hear a very low-frequency sound, basically giving him a super version of every sense.
  • Invincibility – According to the comic book series, Homelander is invulnerable to any kind of physical damage and is too powerful to be harmed by any of the characters in the comic book universe.
  • Flight – Homelander is also able to manipulate gravity for himself and fly around at a pace that is identical to Superman which also gives him a great chance against the protector of the good and the face of the Justice League.
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Homelander’s Weaknesses

Homelander is an incredibly OP character (OP meaning Overpowered) and contrary to popular belief that he’s invincible, there are a couple of huge weaknesses that Superman can exploit if he gets the chance to. Let’s take a look at these weaknesses.

  • Insecurities and Ego – Homelander has always considered himself superior to everyone else but at the same time, he’s had an insecurity of not being accepted by people around him. This can be used to manipulate him into making mistakes leading to his defeat.
  • Black Noir – Black Noir is another special human subject of Vought International created as an equal to Homelander especially to take care of him in case he goes berserk and out of control. He’s like the Kryptonite of Homelander except he can move and kick ass.

Who Would Win In The Fight Between Superman And Homelander

Finally with all these strengths and weaknesses, if Superman and Homelander fight against each other in an all-out earth-shattering brawl, who’s going to win?

Let’s take a look at the different situations and outcomes that could take place if these two superheroes go at it.

Scenario 1: Superman Keeping his Morals Upheld

We all know how Superman couldn’t even kill General Zod for quite a long time in the Man of Steel movie and similarly, in the comic books, Supes couldn’t bring himself to kill a lot of people despite having reason because of how much he values lives.

If Homelander and Superman come face to face and Superman ends up overpowering Homelander, at the end choosing not to kill him, it could come back and bite Superman back.

The simple reason for that is Homelander isn’t as in touch with his emotions or as merciful or caring for the lives of his enemies, especially if they’re evenly matched to him.

So, I believe in a real fight between Superman and Homelander, if it comes to taking a life, Homelander would be more comfortable doing that.

Winner: Homelander

Scenario 2: Homelander brings in Kryptonite

Homelander is known for his strategic play and as long as he’s in control of his emotions, so he’s definitely going to exploit any weakness that Superman has.

Well, almost everyone knows about the biggest weakness that Supes has, in the form of the Kryptonite.

In the event that Homelander and Superman have a bloody battle leveling everything around them and it gets too out of Homelander’s hands, one thing that he will surely do is use the only substantial weakness that Superman has.

We can’t rule out him pulling a piece of Kryptonite out of somewhere to drain the power of the Man of Steel and defeating him out of nowhere, so that’s another way he can overpower Supes.

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Winner: Homelander

Scenario 3: Lois Lane is killed

Let’s say that Homelander and Superman are both fighting it out and Homelander has Lois Lane kidnapped by one of the Seven, and while fighting, somehow Lois Lane gets hurt or worse, killed, and Superman comes to know of it, he will completely destroy everything he sees and everything that comes near him.

We saw a bit of this in the Knightmare bit of the Justice League where they showed a dream in Bruce Wayne’s mind where Lois was killed and Superman lost all his moral sense and humanity.

It would be a huge mistake on the part of John if he does something that leads to Lois suffering because her suffering would mean that Clark would have no one left to protect and completely lose himself.

Winner: Superman

Scenario 4: Homelander uses Bystanders for his Defence

We know the fact that Superman cares about earthlings and considers it his responsibility and duty to protect the people of Earth.

We’ve seen many instances of this within the movie universe and the comic book universe. As good as it is morally, against someone like Homelander, it isn’t the best thing to do because it’s just another weakness.

If Homelander sees how panicked Supes gets if anyone is near getting hurt and how he’ll fly to save an old lady get off a falling building, he’ll immediately realize where to hurt him and use the bystanders and people around the place they’re fighting to get his attention off of him and use the right moment to land the punches and beating onto the Man of Steel and defeat him completely.

Winner: Homelander

Scenario 5: Superman Gets a Hold of Black Noir

If we’re thinking about a battle between both Superman and Homelander when they exist in the same universe or they meet in a mixed alternate universe, then that universe must have superheroes of both the comic book universes and that could play a major role in their battle.

We know according to comic book lore that Black Noir, an ally of Homelander was created as a Contingency plan by Vought International so that Homelander could be contained if he ever gets out of control and goes rogue.

So, Superman can reach out to Black Noir and get him to fight alongside the mad and villainous Homelander and beat him down to size.

Then, Supes will definitely have a strategic advantage and I believe that he’s going to easily be able to come out on top of the battle.

Winner: Superman


An all-out war between these two behemoths would be incredibly amazing to witness but in my opinion, Homelander’s going to come out on top because of the greater number of scenarios where he’s got Supes beat.

Sure, we haven’t seen Homelander face someone like Darkseid in the comic book universe but with the abilities he possesses, I believe he can outmaneuver Supes.

Whatever happens, a crossover between universes and a battle between Homelander and Superman would surely be worth watching!

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