Superman Vs Supergirl (Who Would Win A Fight)

If we talk about the most powerful Superheroes in comic book universes, the most overpowered contenders are without a doubt both Kryptonians representing both genders in Superman and Supergirl.

That must make you wonder as comic book fans, what if, the superheroes who have always fought injustice and protected the world turned on each other and engaged in an all-out war?

Well, that’s precisely what I’m here to let you know.

In a battle between Superman and Supergirl, without a doubt, Superman would win. There are just a few instances where Kara can take advantage of the Man of Steel and knock him down with her huge arsenal of abilities and powers.

In this article, I’m going to talk about Superman’s abilities and weaknesses and also Supergirl’s powers and weaknesses to find out ultimately who would end up with the upper hand in a battle to the death. To find out which Kryptonian turns out victorious and in what scenario, make sure you read this article till the end.

Superman’s Strengths and Abilities

When it comes to the overall face of the superhero comic book genre, the first name that comes to mind is Superman.

This unbelievably OP (overpowered) character has everything you can possibly imagine but the price for that has been his tragic origin story where his planet was completely destroyed when he was just a little child.

However, one good thing is that he was raised by a wholesome mid-western family that thought him morals and gave him the goal of protecting humanity and doing good deeds.

If Superman had gotten corrupted with the powers that he has, there would’ve been no DC universe to talk about.

Here’s a list of all the powers, strengths, and abilities of Kal-El:

Invulnerability – Superman is nigh-invulnerable. He has no vulnerability which means that there’s not a particular limit to the amount of beatdown he can take.

Flight – One of Superman’s biggest powers is the ability to fly. If he wants to fly from one continent to another, he can do it. Heck, he can even orbit the Earth and go into space if he wants to recharge his powers with the help of the solar energy of the sun.

Heat Vision – Shooting beams of piercing laser through his eyes as we’ve seen in the comic books and a hint in Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice, the heat vision is truly one of the deadliest and most iconic moves of Superman.

Super Strength – The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Superman is how he can lift entire buildings because of his super-strength. Superman is considered one of the strongest characters to have ever existed in the comic book multiverse.

Super Speed – Supes is also incredibly super when it comes to speed. In fact, he is considered equal to one of the speedsters in the DC comic book universe and can reach speeds faster than a speeding bullet almost giving the Flash a run for his money.

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Ice Breath – As seen in the comic books a lot, Superman is also able to blow freezing cold mist from his mouth to completely freeze people and objects as he pleases because of this amazing power.

Supergirl’s Strengths and Abilities

Cousin to the incredibly popular comic book hero Superman, Kara Danvers, is one of the few Kryptonians that were able to escape Krypton as it was obliterated from the face of the universe.

Supergirl is a very strong character with a surprisingly large set of abilities and powers.

Thankfully, she’s also on the side of the humans in the DC comic book universe and at times on par in terms of power with her cousin Supes.

Let’s take a deep dive into her powers and abilities and how they differ from the abilities our beloved Superman possesses:

Super Strength – Like the Man of Steel, Supergirl is also called super because of her amazing ability of immense strength. She is extremely powerful and at times has shown to be at par with Superman himself even.

Super Speed – Another one of the best abilities of Supergirl is her super speed. She is capable of moving at an incredibly fast pace which makes her a very tough superhero to catch or aim for, except of course if you’re a speedster or Superman himself.

Flight – Kara is also able to fly as she pleases. Superman and Supergirl have similar powers when it comes to flight. They can traverse any kind of environment with the help of their control over gravity and their ability to fly.

Wings of Fire – In the comic books, Kara was able to manifest wings of fire and through this ability, she was also able to teleport long distances which are a very cool and OP ability unique to her character.

Fire Vision – Like Superman, Supergirl also has her own version of the heat vision. This version is known as fire vision. The intensity is almost the same and the power is incredibly iconic and powerful as compared to other powers the DC universe has given to its characters.

Superman’s Weaknesses

Despite having so many incredible powers and abilities, Superman still isn’t completely invulnerable.

There are a few huge weaknesses that can be exploited if the right opponent who works more with their mind instead of their heart gets to know about them.

Let’s take a look at the weaknesses of Kal-El that can get him to lose in a battle:

Kryptonite – The one true material weakness that Superman has is the ore of Kryptonite. A touch or exposure to the mineral can cause Superman to lose all his powers and be drained of all his strength making him a vulnerable mortal.

 Red Sun Radiation – According to the comics, Kryptonians possess their powers thanks to the Yellow Sun. But if they’re exposed to the Red Sun around Krypton, the radiations cause them to lose all their powers and abilities making them vulnerable and weak.

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 Love for Humans – Superman wants to live a normal life without any problems with his love interest Lois Lane. He wants to be considered a normal being (even though he’s not) and live with humans a life that requires no sacrifices and violence because of how he was raised.

 Strict Moral Code – Another weakness that comes with the mentality of Supes, in this case, is the strictly just upbringing that always keeps him from ever harming anyone else and only doing what he must which is to look for the good in even evil hearts which can be quite a disadvantage.

Supergirl’s Weaknesses

We’ve witnessed the incredible strength and amazing abilities of one of the most powerful female characters in the DC universe but unfortunately, like Supes, she also is prone to some weaknesses.

Let’s take a look at them so we can evenly take a look at the battle between these behemoths of the same planet:

Moral Code – Supergirl is also one of the fan favorites because of the sense of morality and love for humanity she possesses even though she’s not as forgiving as our beloved hunk Supes. This could be used by a villain and has been used by many in the famous TV series Supergirl along with many comic book editions in the DC comic book universe.

Kryptonite – Like Kal-El, Kara Zor-El is also prone to the effects of Kryptonite. This material is able to physically weaken and potentially harm the character stripping her off her powers and giving the enemy a chance to deal with her as a mortal.

Red Sun Radiation – Like every other Kryptonian, if the Red sun radiation is exposed to Supergirl, she will also become weak and have her powers taken away which would mean that she would be completely vulnerable to all kinds of damage. 

Who Would Win in a Fight Between Superman And Supergirl

Now that we’ve looked at both, the strengths, abilities, powers, as well as the weaknesses and problems both our heroes, have equipped and suffered from, what would happen if due to some reason they were pitted against each other on a level fighting field?

Well, let’s take a look at the different scenarios and outcomes that will provide us with the winner of this legendary battle.

Scenario 1: Battle of Inherent Strength

When we’re pitting two of the most super superheroes of all time against each other, the first thing we’re going to want to talk about is brute strength.

We know that both Superman and Supergirl are very powerful and extremely strong but who’s stronger?

The answer is, Superman. The reason for this is according to canon sources, Superman is able to lift weights of around 200 Quintillion tons without a problem which is simply unimaginable and although Supergirl can lift a lot of weight too, we simply can’t compare, so in this scenario, Supes comes out on top.

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Winner: Superman

Scenario 2: Advantage of Experience

Another scenario where both the fighters can actually outsmart each other is experience and strategy.

In terms of intelligence, both the superheroes are at the same level but when it comes to experience?

Superman takes the win.

Superman has fought with foes like Darkseid, Doomsday, and a lot of other multiverses threatening beings and has been involved in battles emerging on the victorious side many more times than Supergirl which shows that he is an overall more experienced and tough veteran in comparison to Kara Zor-El since she is a teenager.

Winner: Superman

Scenario 3: Ability of Teleportation

The third scenario that can come into play is the speed of both the supers.

Both Superman and Supergirl are considered to be around the same speed which is quite fast mind you.

But one has a fair advantage over the other.

That’s right, Supergirl has something more than just super speed. She has her wings of fire and phasing technique where she can teleport which is a power the Man of Steel is not familiar with.

So, using her phasing technique, she can cause serious problems for Superman and beat him down to size if she wills it.

Winner: Supergirl

Scenario 4: Brutality and Moral Code

The biggest factor that needs to be discussed in a battle between Superman and Supergirl is the moral code and the sense of justice between both characters.

Since both characters are portrayed as Superheroes, judging this is difficult.

But one thing we can look at is the brutality in their fighting style.

Superman is not very brutal with his approach.

He is always restrained because of the way he has been brought up. But that’s not what Supergirl believes in.

When she has to, she uses all her powers and beats her opponent to a pulp. So, in terms of brutality, Supergirl wins.

Winner: Supergirl

Scenario 5: Durability Test

Kryptonians are generally considered to be one of the most durable species in the DC universe which means both Superman and Supergirl can take quite a beating from each other and not tap out at all.

But since Superman has been subjected to harder battles and tougher opponents along with the fact that he has always had the sheer will of never giving up as portrayed in movie adaptations as well as the comics, I’d say overall, Superman would be more durable in comparison to Kara Zor-El and ultimately win the battle.

Winner: Superman


When it comes to the battle of Superman vs. Supergirl, it is undoubtedly, one of the best and most anticipated battles we’ve ever reviewed.

But in my opinion, there are a lot of advantages that Superman has over Kara which lead to his victory.

There are possibilities where Supergirl outplays Superman but very marginally.

Ultimately, no matter who you’re a fan of, we know one thing that is the fight between Superman and Supergirl would be legendary if it ever makes its way onto the big screen.

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