Superman Vs Thanos – Who Would Win The Fight

An interesting fight would ensue if Superman and Thanos went head to head Superman, the original superhero on which all others were based vs all-round bad guy Thanos.

It will certainly be a fight to remember.

Superman would win the fight with Thanos. Thanos certainly is very powerful but unfortunately, he is not and cannot be, in Superman’s league. Superman is incredibly strong, agile, and durable. Powers are just part of Superman, his love for humanity drives him way past any limitations he may face. When he seems to be beaten he just comes back even stronger. Superman can take a lot of damage and still keep fighting. Thanos would be unable to have the resilience to take on Superman.

Superman Introduction

The fictional superhero, Superman first appeared in DC Comic Books.

The character was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster.

The character first appeared in Action Comic #1 (dated June 1938).

Krypton is a fictional planet that is the native world of Superman It is also the native world of other characters: Supergirl, Krypto the Superdog, and Power Girl.

The Powergirl stories were based in an alternate Universe.

Although the date and circumstances of the event differ in each story, most stories state that Krypton was destroyed shortly after Superman escaped.

Planet Krypton is named after the element Kryptonite.

With slight variations, the same origin story is told of Superman.

In Action Comics, Superman is sent off in a small spaceship by his parents, “Jor-L” and “Lora” to escape the destruction of Planet Krypton.

The spaceship lands in Kansas (originally Iowa) where it is found by The Kents, who have a farm.

The Kents take in the baby superman and raise him, using the name Clark Kent.

In most stories, prior to 1986, Superman started to develop his superhero powers in his infancy.

In DC comics between 19444 and 1986, they published numerous stories of his childhood and youth adventures, using the name SuperBoy.

From 1986 stories showed his powers emerging much later and over a greater period of time.

Superman takes on the role of a superhero in adulthood.

The Kents teach the young superman that he must keep his alien identity secret so that his privacy remains intact and the safety of his loved ones is secured.

This is why Clark Kent creates a costume to disguise his identity.

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Clark wears the costume under his clothes so that he can quickly turn into Superman.

The costume is indestructible.

In one story this is the case because it is made from cloth from krypton, in another story, it is because of an aura that Superman generates. Either way, the outcome is the same.

Clark Kent works as a Newspaper Journalist, which gives him an excuse to be at crime scenes.

Nobody recognizes Clark Kent as Superman because he puts on a pair of glasses as Clark Kent.

Even people who have seen both Superman and Clark Kent up close are fooled by this.

Superman also has a small curl on his forehead.

Superman either stores his Clark Kent clothes in a compressed form in a compartment within his cape, or in some stories leaves them in a secret location.

Clark kent has a mild manner, where he feigns cowardice, and has a slightly raised voice compared to Superman.

Supporting Characters

The most famous supporting character is Lois Lane, another journalist at the same newspaper.

Lois considers Clark Kent to be a less than manly wimp.

She is infatuated with Superman and so we have a love triangle consisting of two people.

In earlier books, the author wanted to keep this relationship dynamic as he felt it was an important part of the story.

However, in later stories, we see Lois Lane suspecting Clark kent as being the superhero and trying to catch them out unsuccessfully.

In a story in Action Comics #484 (June 1978), Superman confesses that he is Clark Kent and marries Lois Lane.

Some stories continued to portray the previous triangle but an equal number of stories carried on with the married couple story.

Another key figure in the stories is Jimmy Olsen, a photographer at the same newspaper who is friends with both Clark Kent and Superman.

In most stories, he is unaware they are the same person.

Olsen was introduced to give younger fans the idea they could be friends with Superman.

Superman has a pretty consistent timeline apart from a few stories that deviate.

There is also some crossover with other characters in the DC Universe.

It was the success of Superman that encouraged the creation of many other superheroes (the name “Superhero” coming from Superman).

These copies include:

  • Batman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Green Lantern
  • Captain America
  • Captain Marvel

Superman Strengths

Superman’s strengths and abilities have grown over the years.

Here is a list of the various superpowers that he has been credited with at some point:

  1. Superhuman strength
  2. Superhuman speed
  3. Superhuman Stamina
  4. Superhuman agility
  5. Superhuman durability
  6. Enhanced senses
  7. Longevity
  8. Enhanced vision powers
  9. Heat vision
  10. Electromagnetic spectrum vision
  11. Microscopic vision
  12. X-ray vision
  13. Telescopic vision
  14. Infrared vision
  15. Superhuman breath
  16. Freezing breath
  17. Wind breath
  18. Invulnerability
  19. Accelerated healing
  20. Flight
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Superman Weaknesses

Superman has one very famous weakness that is used in many stories.

This weakness is kryptonite.


Kryptonite is usually seen as a green crystal material that originates from Superman’s home planet.

It has a kind of radioactivity that is harmful to Superman.

It weakens Superman but is harmless when humans are exposed to it for short periods, however too much exposure can be fatal for humans.

As such it is a perfect weapon to use against Superman.

There are two other forms of kryptonite, Gold, and Red, which have other negative impacts on Superman.

These are not seen very regularly.

Interestingly, Kryptonite was first introduced to the Superman story via the radio serial.

They wanted a way to be able to continue broadcasting while the voice actor who played Superman had a vacation.

Kryptonite was introduced as something that would incapacitate Superman, leaving him just able to groan, which could be done by a stand-in.

This was revealed by the editor Julius Schwartz in his memoirs.

However, historian Michael J Hayde disputes this explanation.

Thanos Introduction

Thanos had a lifelong quest that was based on a desire for good, even though he was totally misguided in the path he took to achieve it.

He saw the problem of overpopulation and the danger of using up all resources on his home planet.

His solution was to try and halve the population which he succeeded in doing.

He then went on to expand his vision to the Universe and spent his life trying to achieve that.

In the main timeline of the Marvel universe, he succeeded and was then slain by Thor and the Avengers.

Thanos never thought to explore other, less drastic solutions to the problem that concerned him.

He never saw how wrong his solution was.

Thanos will be remembered as a killer, a figure of the war, and not as the savior of the universe he so wanted to be.

When he succeeded in his quest and had killed so many, resolving what he saw as a threat to everyone.

He didn’t carry on he chose to retire to the planet Farden where he lived a simple life tilling the crops.

No desire for glory or power. All that was past.

The Avengers arrived after the deed was done and slew him.

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Thanos Strengths

Thanos, born an Eternal with mutant powers had a vast array of powers at his disposal, which he used to pursue his single-minded quest.

He was known as a dangerous individual.

His powers listed below made him strong enough to capture and destroy my worlds and to capture the Infinity Stones.

Despite this, he still had all the powers that Eternals possess:

  • Super Human Strength
  • Invulnerability
  • The power of Flight
  • Teleportation
  • Advanced Intelligence and most of all strategic skills
  • The ability to generate a force field
  • He can also survive for extended periods without food or water.

These strengths were powerful and against most characters, he came up against, they were sufficient.

The reason his victory record was so high was that he avoided certain individuals who he knew could beat him, like Odin who he was scared of.

Superman would have been another character he would naturally avoid, knowing the history of Superman and all his achievements.

Thanos Weaknesses

Perhaps Thanos’biggest weakness is his obsession with Mistress Death.

Death to Thanos is nothing to be feared or avoided.

It was his ultimate ambition once he had completed his task.

That inability to resist Death makes Thanos vulnerable.

Superman Would Win The Fight With Thanos

Superman has a love of humanity and a love of life that drives him on, even when he appears to be on the edge of defeat.

He always seems to have the drive that forces him back up on his feet and making a comeback.

He would not fear Thanos, having taken on larger challenges in the past, nor would he be weakened by an acceptance of death like Thanos.

Superman has a powerful range of abilities that encompass many areas.

Thanos does not have the same versatility as Superman, who can fight from a great distance, or hand to hand choosing the powers most suited.

Ultimately Thanos must face defeat, even if at first he appears to be winning.

Superman would just keep coming back at him.

Final Thoughts

The fight between Superman and Thanos would be an interesting battle to witness, although many of us would know the winner in advance.

The only way Thanos could possibly beat Superman would be if Thanos would replace one of the stones in his infinity gauntlet with the stone that would be made of Kryptonite – but this is pure fiction.

In normal circumstances, Thanos would not stand a chance against Superman.

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