Superman Vs Thor – Who Would Win The Fight

Superman, the child refugee from the planet Krypton, who grew up to be a hero that protected mankind and staved off many threats.

Thor, a fictional superhero based on the Norse God.

What would happen if the two were to become involved in a head-on fight?

If we simply think in terms of a mortal vs a God, Thor would seem likely to win, but Superman is stronger than Thor and has already beaten a God, in the past. It would certainly be a hard fight for both superheroes, but eventually, Superman would be the victor.

Superman Introduction

Superman originates on a far-off planet called krypton.

The planet is far more advanced than Earth, but they destroyed the planet just a short time after Superman was born.

The father of Superman understood the planet was doomed and attempted to save his newborn son by shooting him off to planet earth in a tiny spaceship.

The spaceship was not large enough for his parents to accompany him, so it left them to die on Krypton.

Eventually, the tiny spaceship lands in a field in Kansas, and the infant was found alive inside the capsule by Mr. and Mrs. Kent, whose farm was the site of the crash.

The Kents did not report their find to the authorities and raised the child as if he was their own.

They named the boy Clark, Clark Kent.

As the boy develops in his teenage years, it becomes clear that he has special talents and powers, which his parents counsel him to keep hidden.

As the boy becomes a man, he continues to keep his real self hidden behind the persona of a mild-mannered, even cowardly Clark Kent who wears dark-rimmed glasses and stoops slightly.

He takes up journalism as a career and becomes a reporter on the Daily Globe newspaper.

There he falls for a fellow reporter called Louis Lane. His feelings, however, are not reciprocated as he finds she is fixated on the mysterious crime-fighter called Superman, (Clark Kent’s hidden identity).

As the years go by, Clark Kent continues working with Louis Lane, but she still only has eyes for one man(or superman).

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During this time Superman becomes famous as a superhero crime fighter and meets Louis Lane occasionally (as he looks out for her welfare).

Louis Lane cannot connect the fact that she sees Superman every time Clark Kent has mysteriously disappeared.

She does not see Clark Kent and Superman together, despite Clark Kent’s proximity to the action.

In the adventure that Superman lives through, he displays massive powers that are well beyond the capacity of any human.

Many other characters in comic books do not match these powers.

Superman Powers

As well as the regular powers of Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, Flight, durability, senses, and longevity, Superman has some other special powers to use.

His eyes alone are very powerful and include:-

  • Ocular powers
  • Heat vision
  • Electromagnetic spectrum vision
  • Microscopic vision
  • X-ray vision
  • Telescopic vision
  • Infrared vision

Then when we look at the power of Superman’s lungs we see he has:

  • Superhuman breath
  • Freeze breath
  • Wind breath

Even if Thor were to land a blow or two, Superman has the ability to deal with that:

  • Invulnerability
  • Sped up healing

We can see that this list of powers is far more impressive than the powers of Thor, shown below.

There are many examples of Superman’s Strength.

For example, in one story they had Superman bench pressing the Earth non-stop for five days.

In another story, Superman moved the sun closer to Earth to kill Jack Frost.

Later, in In JLA #77, Superman held a black hole in his hands.

In yet another example, Superman destroyed a galaxy with a sneeze.

These are not the sort of demonstrations of power that you would use to demonstrate Thor’s power.

His examples would be far less dramatic.

Superman Weaknesses

Superman has one chief weakness, and that is that Kryptonite can reduce his strength and if in sufficient quantity might kill him.

Thor Introduction

Thor was born to be King of the Asgardian Gods.

He grew up in Asgard under the guidance of Odin and learned the skills that he would one day need as the king.

His only family is Frigga, his stepmother, and his adopted brother Loki.

During his whole youth, Thor repeatedly tested himself through undertaking hazardous missions and eventually was worthy to wield the Uru Hammer (Mjolner).

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This hammer has terrible destructive power in battle but also has the power to be constructive if used correctly.

As part of his coming of age, Thor fell through a portal and ended up fighting the demigod Hercules.

They were equal in strength and the battle was a long one and would have continued longer had Zeus not intervened and sent Thor back to Asgard.

Zeus then wiped the memories of both combatants.

During the early history of Europe, Thor spent much of his time leading Vikings into battle.

However, one day when the Vikings attacked a Christian monastery, Thor turned his back and went back to spend many centuries on the planet Asgard.

There was a long-standing treaty between Asgard and the Frost Giants and one day Thor, missing battle, broke the treaty, Odin banished him to Earth as a human called Dr.Donald Blake.

The idea was to teach Thor to be a bit more humble.

This human worked as a doctor and suffered from a limp. Eventually, fleeing from some extraterrestrials, Dr.Blake recovered his memory, and Mjolnir the mallet.

Once more as the mighty god Thor.

It was while Loki was on Earth, a bit later, that he finally realized that his brother Loki was deceiving him and was becoming a menace.

Thor grouped together with Ant-Man, The Hulk, Iron Man, and wasp to create “The Avengers.”

Working with the Avengers, Thor’s true leadership shines through and he learns to master hand-to-hand combat and became a talented swordsman.

Thor Strengths

Thor has a superhuman Physiology, and his body parts are denser than human ones.

This makes him very heavy.

He is immune to energy blasts, impacts, falls, and explosions.

Unlike some other gods, his powers remain, no matter what realm he might enter.

He is the strongest of the Asgard gods and is credited with smashing an arch that weighed a million tons.

He has undertaken several acts of extreme strength and is one of the most powerful characters of all.

As a God, he is immune to toxins, plagues, diseases, and corrosives.

He also survived a glancing blow from a planet-busting doomsday bomb. He also has regenerative powers, should he need them.

Thor Weaknesses

Several times in the past Thor has been a victim of high-level magical spells.

If any weapon has been imbued with magic, it can prove a problem for Thor.

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They gave Thor a magical battle axe from the same dwarves that made Mjolnir (his hammer), but an opponent took it and used it to cut off Thor’s arm.

Magic just does not work well for Thor.

Thor is very vulnerable to another special weapon, the Twilight Sword, and the sword was once pushed right through his body and almost decapitated him as well.

Thor does not always choose the best options in allies.

He once became a close ally of Adolf Hitler as he fought Stalin.

Sometimes he just loses the plot and in his rage of battle he just hits out.

One time he almost killed Captain America while in one of those rages.

Superman Would Win The Fight With Thor

I wonder what the collateral damage would be if these two characters were to go head to head.

The fight would certainly be very violent, with a lot of power being used by both sides.

When your opponent is as strong as they would be in this match, a gentle punch is just not going to be enough, and if one of these guys were knocked backward they could seriously destroy planets with the impact.

Maybe we should set rules that these fights take place millions of miles from anywhere.

Ultimately Superman’s superior strength would give him the winning edge, and he would overpower Thor.

Of course, with both of them able to regenerate and fix their own injuries, it would take several hard blows in a brief space of time to finish the fight.

But look at it this way, if a mere sneeze from Superman is enough to destroy an entire galaxy, Thor must deal with an opponent that has got such immense power.

Much more than I think he would cope with.

The victory must go to Superman.

Final Thoughts

I do not always include a final thought with these articles, but on this occasion, as I write the article, it occurred to me just how strong Superman is supposed to be in these stories.

Sure, Thor is remarkably durable, but it is all on a different level to Superman.

In the examples I gave of Superman’s strength, there was clearly no limit to it.

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