Superman Vs Wonder Woman (Who Would Win A Fight)

When I first started to research this topic I must admit that I thought it would be an easy win for Superman, but after looking at all the fights that have taken place between these two characters I had to change my mind.

Wonder woman is more likely to beat Superman in a fight. She may play dirty to do so but Wonder Woman will win any fight with Superman. She has an element of cunning and sheer brutality that ensures a win.


Superman (aka Clark Kent) is a refugee from Krypton that was raised by the Kent family in Kansas.

With exposure to the Earth’s yellow sun, he gains a range of Superpowers that he uses to protect the Earth.

He faces numerous supervillains and generally is the winner.

When it comes to Wonder Woman, with who he had a relationship, he is not totally on top form, being conflicted over her.

Generally speaking Wonder Woman and Superman are on the same team and fight villains together, but there have been fifteen occasions when they have fought.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a superheroine featured in stories in the DC Comic book Universe.

She first appeared in All-Star Comics # 8 which was first published on 21 October 1941.

Like Superman, she is one of the original superheroes. The Wonder Woman title has been published continually since the current day from those early beginnings.

Wonder Woman is also known as Princess Diana of Themyscira.

When traveling outside of her homeland she will often use the identity “Diana Prince.”

The character has frequently changed over the years and had a variety of backstories, which can lead to some confusion.

For the sake of this article, and to keep the author’s sanity we will concentrate on just one of the versions of Wonder Woman, the one that has been created most recently.

This will vary a little from the early comic books.

In the New 52 series by DC, Wonder Woman is portrayed as having an affair with Superman and in 2013 DC published a series of comics that showed Superman and Wonder Woman as a “Power Couple.”

When DC “Rebirth” came along, just a few years later, Wonder Woman has a whole new story.

In this version, Diana grew up on the fictitious Archipelago of Themyscira, which is a City-State and archipelago (aka Paradise Island, Amazon Isles).

Themyscira is an island separated nation of women.

Legend has it that the island would be immortal if no man set foot on it.

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Men are banned from the island under a strict penalty of death.

The location of the Island state is undisclosed, and it can shift its position on Earth, and its time as well.

As soon as someone leaves the island they immediately forget where it is.

Themyscira is both a Theocracy and a place of government for the Amazonians. It is also where Wonder Woman originated.

So, we have established that Wonder Woman’s origin story has changed so many times over the years that even Wonder Woman is confused, so we will not try and pursue that in any more detail, but instead turn to Wonder Woman’s special Powers & Abilities.

Wonder Woman Powers

Wonder Woman’s powers and abilities have also changed over the years so we will just focus on modern times.

Unlike other superheroes, DC does not give an official breakdown of her powers so this list is what we have gathered from her appearances.

Super Strength and Speed

Amazons are well known to be a much more physical race than other humans and can do things that the rest of humanity cannot.

But Diana is even more powerful than her fellow Amazonians.

In fact, over time, she is clearly much more powerful than anyone imagined.

It is assumed that these special powers are the result of her demigoddess past in previous storylines.

Healing, Super Stamina, and Durability

The precise level of Wonder Woman’s durability is not defined, and we can only guess, but she can absorb big hits without getting injured, and fight for ages without getting tired.

If she does get hurt, she heals very quickly

Her rapid healing is illustrated when the Germans were attacking the Amazon’s home territory and Diana is injured.

She is taken back to the medic to get treatment and by the time she reaches the medic, she is already healed.

This was an early demonstration of the future Wonder Woman’s abilities.

But if we consider that Diana is 50% Amazon heritage, and 50% Demigoddess should we expect anything less?

Energy Powers

DC does not explain exactly how they work in the movies. but Wonder Woman has the ability to create energy bursts that glow instinctively.

By the end of the movie, he has learned to control this and can generate energy on demand for use as a weapon.

She also can defend herself against any energy bursts that are aimed at her.

Once again, we are left to assume that as a demigoddess, that she was given a little of Zeus’ power.


Whether Wonder Woman has the power of flight or not is unclear.

We know she can jump extremely high and move amazingly fast but only once was she seen flying, and that was in the movie when she was seen flying over Paris.

This is in contrast to the comic books when she was frequently seen flying.

Weapons and Armor

  1. The God Killer Sword – A sharp sword
  2. Lasso of Hestia – A golden lasso which when it catches someone, makes them tell the truth
  3. Amazon Armor – A very skimpy armor worn in honor of her homeland
  4. The Amazon Shield – A near indestructible Shield
  5. Bracelet of Submission – It repels almost any form of attack from bullets to energy blasts
  6. Sword of Athena – Replace God killer and can cut through nearly anything
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The Fight Between Superman And Wonderwoman

There is an example of a story series in which Wonder Woman did kill Superman.

The story is not part of the regular DC Canon but serves as an interesting view on what could happen if they fought.

In the movie Wonder Woman: Dead Earth DC has revealed that Wonder Woman defeats Superman and destroys him in a, particularly violent way.

The battle is so violent that Wonder Woman and Superman travel around the whole Earth as they fight.

Massive amounts of damage are done as they continue their battle. Before the battle began Wonder Woman had removed the bracelet that restrained her great power, so she was determined to win this battle.

Wonder Woman is so agile and fast that Superman is never able to land a solid punch and yet Wonder Woman can repeatedly damage the man of steel.

Eventually, she chases Superman back to the fortress of Solitude where she hits Superman with such a devastating punch that it knocks a hole right through him.

This herculean effort leaves Wonder Woman weak, and she falls into a deep sleep after the defeat of Superman, centuries later she reawakens with no memory of the fight.

Superman, however, could not survive the damage that Wonder Woman had inflicted and retreated into the fortress of solitude, where he is found much later sitting dead on his throne.

One of Superman’s robots survived long enough to tell the story of what happened, and centuries later Wonder Woman is told that she killed her former friend Superman.

The four Wonder Woman: Dead Earth stories were published in a self-contained book, which was outside of the standard DC Universe, and so continuity was not an issue.

How many times Have Superman and Wonder Woman Fought

The two characters appeared within five years of one another and are both veterans as superheroes go.

They are both members of the Justice League and in certain storylines, they have had a relationship.

The two characters are certainly intertwined. Despite this close relationship, they have fought several times for a variety of reasons.

In total there have been 15 times that they have come to blows:

Tale of Two Satellites 1977

In Justice League of America #143, A mind-controlled Wonder Woman takes control of a Satellite, and Superman intervenes.

This was the first time they fought.

Superman vs Wonder Woman (1978)

In a special collector’s edition book Superman and Wonder Woman fight over the Atomic Bomb that was about to be used in World War 2.

The fight took them to the moon, but they stopped fighting when a villain stole part of the bomb.

Different Worlds (1988)

In Action Comics #600 Superman and Wonder Woman kiss for the first time.

After deciding to remain good friends they fight each other and then later evil versions of themselves.

Madness (1999)

In Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #13. Superman decides to take over and destroy all nuclear weapons.

The rest of the Justice League try to stop him but fail to capture him.

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JLA: A League of One (2000)

A one-shot story. Wonder Woman must fight Superman to save him from death at the hands of a dragon.

She realizes she cannot win and tricks him instead, to save his life.

The Witch and the Warrior, Part Two: Girl Frenzy (2001)

Wonder Woman subdues Superman using her lasso and brings him back to normal.

Superman: Red Son (2003)

In this storyline, the writers played around with an alternative version of the Superman story that had Clark Kent landing in Ukraine instead of Kansas.

Superman becomes first a weapon of the Soviet Union and then later as Dictator of a global Soviet Union.

Wonder Woman, also a politician fought Superman with her Amazon army when he killed Batman but stands no chance and loses.

Absolute Power, Part 2 of 5: What Price Freedom? (2005)

An alternative reality sees Batman, and Superman as tyrants who rule the world.

Wonder Woman is a resistance leader and attacks, killing Batman. In return, Superman kills Wonder Woman with her own Lasso.

For Tomorrow, Part Eight (2005)

This story appears in Superman #211. Wonder Woman tries to stop Superman from trying to save some people as she fears it will kill him.

The two fight and Superman is forced to escape.

Sacrifice, Part IV of IV (2005)

In Wonder woman #219 Superman has been brainwashed into thinking Wonder Woman is doomsday.

Superman attacks her hard. W

onder Woman threw her tiara at Superman, slicing his throat, and killing him.

The Villain’s Journey, Chapter Three: Atonement (2012)

Set in New 52 Stories in Justice League #11Members of the Justice League fall out over an issue.

Wonder Woman beats the Green Lantern, Superman intervenes but she also beats him.

Superdoom, Chapter 3: The Promise’ (2014)

In Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1, Superman is being transformed into Doomsday.

Once complete he will lay waste to Earth.

Wonder Woman is not going to let this happen and she removes her restraining bracelet and defeats Superman.

Just before she strikes the final blow Superman comes back to normal and it is not necessary.

Casualties of War (2015)

Circe took control of superman and forced Wonder Woman to fight him.

Wonder Woman using the powers of Ares demonstrated how she could easily take Superman if the fight had continued longer.

Exiled (2015)

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Four #8, features a brutal fight between Superman and Wonder Woman.

As Superman slowly gains the upper hand, he asks Wonder Woman to stop.

Taking advantage of this she regains her strength, gauges his eyes, and breaks his arm, beating him to a pulp.

Darkseid War, Act Three: Gods of Justice – Chapter 1 (2016)

Once more Superman is under control and fights Wonder Woman.

She ties him up with her lasso and forces him to remember who he is.

The Score And Conclusion

Out of fifteen fights between Superman and Wonder Woman won just over half the fights.

OK, in some of the cases she tricked him, but the rules do not rule that out.

Therefore, we have to aware of Wonder Woman the overall win in this case.

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