Thanos Vs Saitama (Who Would Win A Fight)

We haven’t had this much of an evenly matched fight in all of fantasy battle history until now.

We have the purple Mad Titan in Thanos in one corner, and on the other corner, we’ve got Saitama, the One Punch Man.

This is going to be one of the most epic battles, without a doubt.

At this point, you must be wondering, can Thanos actually beat Saitama?

If a battle takes place between the Eternal Thanos and Saitama, then Thanos will surely end up on the winning side simply because of the plethora of abilities and powers.

That being said, the One Punch Man isn’t going to hold back at all.

In this article, I’m going to talk about Thanos’ and Saitama’s powers, abilities, and weaknesses as well.

This will help us rank them on an even scale. After that, we’re going to pit Thanos and Saitama in different battle scenarios to find out the real victor.

So, make sure you read this article till the end.

Thanos’ Powers and Abilities

Known as one of the most powerful supervillains in the history of the Marvel universe, Thanos is truly one of the most popular villains in the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well.

In his origin, Thanos was a very gentle and peaceful child with an above average, incredible intellect level.

But his obsession with world domination and rulership overcame him when he was in his teen years.

During this time, he also fell deeply in love with the decaying embodiment of destruction and entropy, Death herself.

Although he is mostly known for wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos is an extremely powerful being even without it.

Let’s take a look at some of Thanos’s insane powers and abilities that would provide him an edge over any opponent in battle.

Superhuman Strength and Speed – When it comes to physical power and brutality, Thanos is one of the strongest beings in the universe. And the great thing about his power is that he has insanely fast reflexes and movement speed relative to his size, as seen in the comics and MCU.

Invulnerability – Being an eternal being, Thanos is naturally resilient. In fact, as seen in the Marvel comics and the Cinematic Universe, he is nigh-invulnerable. He can withstand a huge amount of pain, including Captain America’s strikes, Iron Man’s blasts, and other hits without taking significant damage at all.

Intellectual Mindset – Thanos is considered one of the most qualified and intellectual minds in the universe. He is even greater of a mind than the Iron Man Tony Stark. His use of Cybernetics and technology for his own aid and armada showcase the amazing knowledge of the universe and technology that he possesses.

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Teleportation – The Mad Titan sits on a mystical throne, which is actually a teleporting machine. With this machine, Thanos can travel from one planet to another, and it just shows how much he has advanced with technology and its applications.

Telepathic Mastery – Although he might not be at the level of Professor X or the World Eater Galactus, Thanos can control minds and telepathically communicate and manipulate his opponents, which can leave leave leave an unrepairable effect on their minds and completely disorient them from any kind of control.

Amazing Durability – Durability is incredibly important if you’re thinking of becoming a supervillain who wants to control the entire world. However, Thanos is a being with godly durability, and he was able to take punches from some of the strongest beings in the multiverse and withstand them with ease. This truly shows how powerful and durable the Mad titan really is.

Saitama’s Powers and Abilities

Saitama is one of the strongest characters in the Mangas that are currently running.

However, his popularity and fame are mostly due to the amazing show One Punch Man.

In the manga, Saitama is a rogue hero who hails from City Z.

He has trained himself to the point where he can destroy any enemy with just a single punch.

He is an incredibly powerful being with a lot of abilities and strengths. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Unbelievable Strength – In the manga, Saitama has been shown to build incredible muscles, and a lean body with the help of 100 pushups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10km run every single day. As a result, he has unbelievable amounts of strength and can definitely take on the toughest opponents.

Superspeed and reflexes – In addition to his strength, he also has incredible speed and reflexes. His speed is so much that he actually leaves afterimages behind him as he moves, as seen in the Anime and the Manga.

Leaping Ability – Due to his insane workout routine and amazing training, he has almost become superhuman and can make very high leaps. This is seen in many of his battles in the manga, which makes him a very deadly competitor.

Heightened Senses – Saitama has built up himself to become godly in terms of abilities and power. This training has also given him a much higher sensitivity to his surroundings, and his senses have heightened drastically compared to other characters in the manga.

Durability – The One Punch Man is practically physically invulnerable. He has insane amounts of durability and resilience. He takes the punches and attacks of gigantic monsters without even flinching in the show, which makes him a very dangerous opponent for any kind of being.

Thanos’ Weaknesses

Even though he might be one of the strongest and most popular supervillains in Marvel history, Thanos still has a few weaknesses that any smart opponent of his would be able to identify and exploit.

Let’s look at some of the drawbacks of being the Mad titan that can qualify as weaknesses.

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His child Gamora – Although Thanos is very hard on his adopted daughter Nebula, Gamora is a kind of Thanos’ weakness. However, she is one of the best warriors in the universe and is the beloved daughter of Thanos. He has strong feelings towards her, and this love can be used by a smart opponent against Thanos.

Egoistic Mindset – Thanos might be an intellectual but like all arrogant minds when he’s losing, he completely loses sight of all his mannerisms and mental ability and becomes egotistical. This can be used against the Mad Titan and can be used to defeat him.

His love for Death – The embodiment of destruction and decay, Death is one of the oldest existing beings in the universes. Thanos has a complete obsession with her in the comics. If this obsession is to be used against him by a smart enough opponent, definitely she can play an important role in bringing down Thanos.

Blunt Force – Thanos might be nigh-invulnerable, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be hurt. He can surely be hurt, and he has been hurt several times in the comics. However, with enough power like Captain Marvel’s blows or Scarlet Witch’s mysticism, even someone as durable as Thanos can fall down on their feet and be defeated.

Saitama’s Weaknesses

In the manga, Saitama is shown to be physically invulnerable, but when it comes to weaknesses, even the One Punch Man isn’t safe.

Let’s take a look at some of the weaknesses that Saitama possesses, which can be used by someone as smart as the Mighty Thanos against him in order to defeat him.

Telepathic Manipulation – As seen in the Anime, Saitama is very susceptible to advanced manipulation. His willpower might ward off attempts at psychic control, but if the telepathic powers of the enemy are too strong, he won’t be able to keep them out of his mind.

Brute Force – Although he is physically invulnerable, it doesn’t mean that he cannot be hurt. There are many incredibly powerful beings in the fantasy universes that will surely be able to not only hurt Saitama but damage him and even bring him to his knees to defeat him.

Sub-par Intelligence – To be completely fair, Saitama isn’t known for possessing a very bright mind when it comes to his fighting approach. It is mostly based on brute force, which isn’t the best option for enemies requiring technical breakdown.

Human Mortality – No matter how powerful Saitama might be, he is still human at the end of the day. This means that he is definitely mortal, and any enemy that realizes this would be able to somehow find a way to bring him down and defeat him and end up on the winning side.

Can Thanos Beat Saitama?

Both of our contestants, Thanos and Saitama, are very powerful beings in their own universes.

But how do they fare against each other; let’s find that out by placing them in a series of epic battle scenarios to find out the true victor of this ultimate war.

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Scenario 1: One Punch is all it takes

We all know how it’s going to go down if both Thanos and Saitama end up on the battlegrounds without any knowledge of each other.

Saitama is definitely going to go for that one punch.

And since Thanos might not have anticipated his punch, it is very likely that he’d be devastated by the blow.

So, we can safely say that Saitama is going to take this round fairly easily.

Winner: Saitama.

Scenario 2: Infinity Snap

You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, all MCU fans have seen it happen.

Once Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet on, there’s no stopping the mad titan from achieving his full power.

All it is going to take is a single snap with the Infinity Gauntlet on, and Saitama is going to be wiped off the plane of existence without a trace left behind, and Thanos is going to pick up the victory.

Winner: Thanos.

Scenario 3: Speed and Reflexes

Both Thanos and Saitama are incredibly fast and swift in pace.

But when we talk about Saitama, there’s another level of speed and reflexes that the One Punch Man has.

If the battle ends up dependent on who’s faster in their approach, then for sure, Saitama is going to run and jump to hit Thanos and destroy him.

So Saitama will win in this case, and Thanos will be defeated.

Winner: Saitama.

Scenario 4: Thanos’ Telepathy

We know that one thing that Saitama is actually vulnerable to is telepathy.

He isn’t very strong mentally, and his willpower can only protect them so much.

So, if Thanos ends up taking charge and controlling the mind of the One Punch Man, he would surely be able to take him out.

Thanos will end up on the winning side this way.

Winner: Thanos.

Scenario 5: Overall Abilities and Powers

Now that we’ve had a balanced battle so far, we need to declare a proper winner depending upon both the warriors’ overall capabilities and abilities.

Well, if we compare Saitama’s abilities and powers with Thanos, we’re clearly going to see that the Mad Titan would end up winning because of his eternal powers.

So, in an evenly matched battle, Thanos would defeat Saitama in this battle and end up winning the ultimate war without a doubt.

Winner: Thanos.


Thanos vs. Saitama is written in the stars to be one of the most epic battles.

Still, in the end, the All-father Thanos would definitely get victorious against Saitama due to his unmatched abilities and powers.

No matter who you’re rooting for, we all can agree that it is going to be simply incredible witnessing this battle on the big screen.

In fact, there are many animation videos based on this on YouTube already.

Let’s hope the execs take a look at this and give us what we want exactly!

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