Thor Vs Doomsday (Who Would Win The Fight)

Very rarely do we see superhero battles that are not just earth-shattering but can bring the safety of the universe to stake.

But unfortunately, today’s fight is just that. In one corner, we have Odinson, the yielder of Mjolnir, Thor, and on the other corner, we have the Ultimate Monstrosity in Doomsday.

You might be wondering who would win the battle when Thor and Doomsday are opponents.

Doomsday is often compared to Superman when it comes to strength and power.

However, it’s also true that Thor is much stronger than Superman in terms of physical strength. Although it’s quite predictable as to who will win the fight between Thor and Doomsday, that’s precisely what I’m here to tell you.

If both Thor and Doomsday wage a battle against each other and give their all to the battle, the alien monstrosity Doomsday is going to come out victorious without a doubt. Thor is undoubtedly a god in his own right, but the godly powers alone wouldn’t be able to overpower Doomsday.

In this article, we will talk about the powers, abilities and weaknesses of both Thor from Marvel and Doomsday from DC to find out who is stronger.

We’re also going to pit the alien beings against each other in different scenarios to see who would win in a fight. So, make sure you read this article till the very end if you’re rooting for one of these behemoths in this fantasy battle.

Thor’s Abilities and Powers

Having appeared in DC and Marvel as different adaptations, the Norse god Thor has always been a famed entry in superhero comics.

However, the Marvel Adaptation of the God of Thunder has gained immense popularity over the last few decades and became a favorite superhero of every child.

Thor Odinson had a cherished origin in the comics.

He was born to Odin and was the step-brother of Frost Giant Loki, as seen in the comics who has later crowned the successor of the All-father and the yielder of Mjolnir, the hammer.

Thor has been considered the strongest avenger in the Marvel comics on many occasions, and he has a long list of abilities and powers. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Superhuman Strength – Thor is one of the strongest superheroes in all comic book universes. He possesses godly strength and lifts thousands of tons of weight over his shoulders without breaking a sweat, as seen in several Marvel comics and movie adaptations.

Superhuman Speed – Although not as fast as Superman or the Flash or any speedster, Thor is definitely one of the faster superheroes due to his possession of Mjolnir and his control over lightning and thunder. This makes him quite a formidable opponent against some of the most powerful.

Immortality – As one of the many godly creatures in the magical planet of Asgard, Thor Odinson is definitely invulnerable to any physical damage and immortal to a certain superhuman extent which makes him one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel comic and cinematic universe.

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Power of Mjolnir – The Uru-formed hammer, Mjolnir is one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe. Only the beings with sheer will and good in their hearts are worthy of lifting it. It provides flight and inter-dimensional travel to Thor, which gives him a great advantage along with his natural powers.

Control over Thunder and Lightning – Thor is born as the god of thunder. This means that he has natural control over the elements of thunder and lightning. He can emit lightning blasts and thunder strikes with the smash of his hammer and even launch projectiles at will, which is quite amazing, in my opinion.

Doomsday’s Abilities and Powers

Doomsday is the ultimate deformed Kryptonian monstrosity that came into being the destroyer of worlds through the scientific tinkering of an Alien scientist named Bertron.

Thousands of years ago, before any Kryptonians came into being, in the harsh environment of Krypton, a being was formed, known as Doomsday.

He was created with the intent to make the most powerful beast in the universe.

However, the creatures and entities in the harsh world of Krypton kept killing and destroying him as a child.

But Bertron kept resurrecting him and making him invulnerable to attacks that previously killed him and finally created a monster that had no way of being destroyed.

Doomsday is an ultimate being that has destroyed many worlds.

He has a plethora of powers and abilities that we need to take a look at ahead of this epic battle.

Superhuman Speed and Strength – Doomsday is one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe, but he is swift as well despite his large size. So much so that his speed is unperceivable by the human eye, which is incredibly fast if you ask me.

Kryptonian Sense – With the help of his Kryptonian sense, Doomsday can sense and find all the Kryptonians around the world, which is precisely what led him to Superman on Earth in his encounter with the superhero where he killed him for the first time in comic book history.

Resurrection – One of the most powerful abilities of Doomsday is partial resurrection. Doomsday can regenerate and resurrect himself when defeated in most cases, except for a few weapons that can permanently kill him. This means that he cannot be killed essentially, which is a scary fact in itself.

Power Absorption – As seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice along with many comic book scenes, Doomsday can absorb power around him and discharge this power to harm his opponents. He can also gain power through solar energy and use it to eradicate his opponents.

Invulnerability – As a demonic monster created through scientific experimentation and perfection, Doomsday is completely invulnerable to physical attacks. In fact, he also possesses a power called reactive adaptation, which allows him not to be harmed by the same attack twice. This means that if one move could overpower Doomsday once, it wouldn’t work again, which makes him unbelievably powerful.

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Thor’s Weaknesses

Thor is a mighty being, but even the most powerful comic book universes have their poisons.

Well, it turns out Thor is also susceptible to some major weaknesses.

Let’s take a look at these weaknesses and how they play into the battle outcomes between Thor and Doomsday.

Losing his powers – As seen in the first adaptation of the Thor movie in the MCU, Thor can lose his powers if the All-father wishes it. This means that he can be unworthy and powerless by someone else’s will, which can be a major weakness as his powers are in control of Odin himself.

Magical Manipulation – The Mighty Thor might not be physically weak or overpowerable, but when it comes to the mystic arts and magical manipulation, Thor can be possessed by them. This puts Thor at a huge disadvantage against powerful beings like the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange.

Warrior Madness – Warrior Madness is an ability that allows Thor to go beyond his normal power and showcase his godly rage and wrath to his opponents. Still, this power comes with one disadvantage: Thor loses a bit of his sanity every time Warrior Madness overtakes him.

Inability to Heal Himself – Thor is an immortal and invulnerable being. Still, the problem with his invulnerability is that he cannot heal himself even if he is severely damaged. This is because he does not possess the ability to heal himself or regenerate, which can cost him dearly in battles.

Doomsday’s Weaknesses

Doomsday does not possess many weaknesses compared to many of the other alien beings in comic book universes.

However, there are a few things and situations that can be considered weaknesses for Doomsday. Let’s take a look at these things.

Imperiex Energy – Imperiex is the embodiment of Entropy in the DC universe. According to lore, Doomsday cannot survive the end of time, which means that Imperiex energy can reduce Doomsday to nothing but a pile of bones and annihilate him whenever the need for this arrives in the DC universe.

Kryptonite – As we know, Doomsday is a Kryptonian monster which means that he is powered by the Yellow Sun and possesses weaknesses similar to other Kryptonians. With the help of Kryptonite, Doomsday can be defeated and has been defeated in movie adaptations in the DCEU when Superman sacrificed himself while killing Doomsday.

Sentience – This is a tricky weakness but can work if you really think about it. Doomsday is killing and destroying machines because of how he perceives the world through hatred and suffering. If Doomsday is brought to sentience and can experience pain and suffering, he would be easily defeated.

Magical Manipulation – Doomsday is also susceptible to Magical Manipulation quite like the god of thunder. This means that if a mystic creature takes control over the mind of Doomsday, which is quite a difficult thing to pull off, Doomsday will not be able to remain in his own control and submit to the yielder of the power.

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Who Would Win in a Fight?

Doomsday and Thor are mighty beings in their own right, but how will they fare against one another in an all-out battle; We’re going to put these two destructive forces against each other in different scenarios and see the outcome of each to find out the victor.

Scenario 1: Thor finds Kryptonite

If these two super-powerful beings go head to head against each other in a universe-shattering battle, there’s one way Thor can get an advantage and defeat the powerful monster Doomsday – by acquiring Kryptonite.

If someway Thor gets to know about this mineral and imbues Mjolnir with it, then taking down the Kryptonian demon would not be as difficult as it seems without it.

Winner: Thor. 

Scenario 2: Doomsday Absorbs Thunder

Thor is the god of thunder, and he uses Thunder as energy, even in the form of projectiles when he wishes.

We know that Doomsday has the capability of absorbing power and harming his opponents by an energy surge.

So if Thor shots thunder at Doomsday, the monster might turn the tables and shoot the projectile back at Thor, leaving him with no way of defeating the beast.

Winner: Doomsday.

Scenario 3: Doomsday Regenerates and Resurrects

Doomsday is known as one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe because of his ability to regenerate and infinitely resurrect under certain conditions.

This means that even if the god of thunder could overpower the monster, he might regenerate and come back even stronger than before, destroying Thor because of his lack of healing ability.

Winner: Doomsday.

Scenario 4: Doomsday Physically Overpowers

Doomsday is a towering giant in comparison to Thor.

Although Thor is a mighty being, thousands of years of experience have made Doomsday an undefeatable being with mad power.

Doomsday will overpower Thor just like he did Superman in the comic and movie adaptations in a fist to fist battle.

Winner: Doomsday.

Scenario 5: Thor uses Warrior Madness

Warrior Madness is the last resort of Thor in any battle. It is an unrelenting force that needs to be kept at bay to keep Thor’s sanity intact.

If his will is completely lost and there is no other way, Thor can activate this ability and lose all his sanity to destroy and annihilate Doomsday, and he will surely be successful in this quest, but in turn, lose himself.

Winner: Thor.


Both Doomsday and Thor are incredibly formidable opponents belonging from two different comic book universes.

But when it comes to sheer brutality and the will to destroy, Doomsday is capable of annihilating the god of thunder without the shadow of a doubt.

In some situations, Thor would be able to overpower the Kryptonian Monstrosity, but mostly he would be defeated due to his honor and morals.

No matter what you might think, the battle would surely be legendary. We can only hope a crossover between universes lands us a battle between these two behemoths that we can enjoy!

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