Thor Vs Thanos – Who Would Win The Fight

Matching up Thor versus Thanos is a pretty exciting contest for most superhero fans.

It’s about whether one of the Marvel universe’s biggest superheroes can take on one of the biggest bad guys in that same world.

However, try to avoid the next paragraph if you haven’t seen the most recent movies and don’t want to spoil anything. While it’s not exactly a huge event as it occurs, the fact that it happens is particularly significant.

Thor would win the fight with Thanos. The fact that Thor actually kills Thanos in the movie ensures that he would definitely win in a fight. One of the most powerful evil villains couldn’t kill Thor and only managed to torture him.

Also, the Asgardians may be actually more ancient than the Titans. Even so, the Asgardians managed to survive with few numbers, and the Titans didn’t, even with all their raw power and abilities.

It appears that Thor actually learned something from his father.

Besides that spoiler, keep in mind that there are additional ones below.

Thor, the Asgardian Thunder

This Marvel superhero is a member of an ancient group called the Asgardians.

As legend has it, they were around since the beginnings of the physical creation in this world.

Much of this fictional story aligns with what’s known about Norse mythology and what the Vikings believed in their day.

To put things into perspective, the Marvel story’s Celestials are clearly the oldest physical beings in the universe.

The only more ancient beings are the four Primordials who created this universe, though it’s not clear if they have physical manifestations.

This thunderous superhero is the legendary son of Odin, ruler of Asgard.

Even though he’s not the very first member of Asgard, he’s still quite ancient in his own right.

He’s one of the first Asgardians by a few generations, and his father Bor was the previous ruler of that world.

While Bor had other sons who could succeed him, he paid particular attention to Odin and imparted how to rule and fight effectively.

This makes it easy to see why Thor is so mighty, being that he’ll one day rule in his father’s place.

Thor’s Major Strengths

One of the obvious advantages that this character has is his superhuman strength.

It’s apparent just by looking at him as his muscles bulge from his armor and clothing.

Besides having incredible physical strength, he also has incredible physical endurance.

This allows him to inflict a mighty physical force continuously, as well as endure a pain that’s impossible for any human or humanoid to withstand for any length of time.

Besides this superhero’s incredible superhuman powers, he also has some of the most legendary equipment ever made in his world.

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It’s easy to identify this figure with his short but might hammer, the Mjolnir.

This weapon was made out of the metal Uru, which has been around since the beginning of this universe and is from the first moon.

Not only is it incredibly durable, but it has magical enhancement properties.

This allows the hammer’s user to fly.

This superhero also inherited what’s known as Odin-Force, which becomes Thor-Force.

This ability makes the wielder the most powerful Asgardian in existence. It seems to have infinite potential and is almost invincible in the face of any foe.

Its essence seems to take up a kind of spiritual presence, even coming in as the form of a small boy that can speak.

It allows its wielder to rival any being or creature in the whole Marvel universe.

Thor’s Major Weaknesses

A major downfall to this superhero is that he doesn’t always think before he acts.

This can lead him to situations that he’s not prepared for, such as when he was trapped by the fire giant Surtr.

Since this Avenger has some of the most extraordinary powers one could think of in such a character, he thinks he’s invincible even at times when he’s actually not.

It turns out that he’s only immortal until someone can kill him, making it possible that he can be defeated.

Another major weakness related to this superhero’s character traits is his overly trusting nature.

This makes it easy for his brother Loki to mess around and play tricks on him.

He seems to want to trust his brother to do the right thing even though it’s not always wise to think this way.

While one-on-one brute strength will usually favor the thunder king, a master manipulator has a chance, even without having much power at all.

Besides Loki, other nefarious beings can take advantage of this fact.

Also, many times this character depends on his hammer for his power.

This can hinder him if he thinks of his power only through the Mjolnir; he could either lose it or have it stolen from him.

The object doesn’t have any loyalties to its rightful owner, letting just about anyone pick it up and gain its power.

Besides that, it’s not always easy to improve a weapon after it’s made, even in magical terms.

This means that a dependence even on the Mjolnir will stagnate one’s power.

Thanos, the Genocidal Titan

Like the Asgardians, the Titans are some of the oldest creatures in the entire Marvel universe.

In the movie, this villain is actually one of the last of his kind, ensuring that not many can rival his power.

This storyline displays a kind of anti-hero character that doesn’t want to conquer and kill others because of pure evil.

He actually wants to wipe out half of all existence for practical reasons related to his moral code of virtues; it’s not about for his own gain.

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However, the comic book version paints a different picture of this character.

His quest for absolute power through the Infinity Gauntlet and the Infinity Stones remains, but it’s for much more nefarious reasons.

As a young teenager, he developed various talents much more quickly than his peers.

He ended up liking killing, making him an obviously evil character, although he seems fairly demented.

Regardless, he’s still a mighty force in the movies and comic books.

Thanos’s Major Strengths

Inherently, this character possesses the superhuman strength that other Titans have.

He’s massive and has a heavy-bodied form that’s imposing to anyone.

It’s not clear what his limits are in this area. It also gives him an incredible endurance to withstand just about any form of pain imaginable.

Besides all this, he’s also immortal, much like Thor is.

If at any moment he isn’t ultimately defeated, he’ll always live to another day.

This character also has a potent mind, making his brute strength even more deadly.

This is most apparent in his planning abilities, with the capacity to anticipate just about any situation imaginable.

In his original incarnation in the comic books, he possessed a genius that encompassed all science and technology fields, making him one of the ultimate supervillains.

He can also quickly adapt to any situation that comes his way.

Another advantage that the Mad Titan has is his possession of the Infinity Gauntlet.

While this object inherently doesn’t have much strength, it’s meant to hold some of the most dominant gems in the Marvel universe.

These are the six Infinity Gems used by the ancient beings known as the Celestials to enforce their will.

When brought together in the gauntlet, they allow the user to eliminate half of all existence in a snap.

Thanos’s Major Weaknesses

A major disadvantage this character has is the fact that he doesn’t have many loyal allies.

He depends on conquering others into submission so that they fear and obey him.

While this can work in the short-term, this brings about dissension and disloyalty in the long-term.

It’s readily apparent that having a team like the Avengers gives more power to the team than any individual member, making not having such a group much less desirable.

Being that this character has such capabilities that even most superheroes don’t possess, he also has a big ego that can get in his way.

He doesn’t think critically of himself, especially not in a way that makes it seem he’s done something wrong.

His tyrannical nature means he has quite a few blind spots, and his way of thinking means he doesn’t know it.

Even with all his planning, he can’t escape his own death forever.

Being that his ultimate potential requires the use of the Infinity Gauntlet, he’s dependent on it to control much of the universe.

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It’s an object that can be stolen from him by an enemy or someone disloyal. It’s also likely that many beings are interested in obtaining such a legendary artifact.

In addition to this, the gauntlet requires the use of six Infinity Gems even to consider using it to its potential.

Those are a lot of variables, increasing the risk of failure.

Why Thor Would Win The Fight With Thanos

These are two of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe and are actually very similar.

They both have a lot of brute strength, and they each have a powerful weapon that they are partially identified by.

This makes it what seems like a close one-on-one matchup.

Thor has his hammer, the Mjolnir, and Thanos has his gauntlet, the Infinity Gauntlet.

The origins of both objects have roots in the beginnings of their worlds, making them quite potent.

Besides each of these characters’ brute strength, they also have magical abilities that match up fairly well.

It’s not readily apparent whether Thor’s thunder could defeat Thanos’s energy manipulation and vice versa.

However, it seems that the Infinity Gauntlet is an all-powerful object without a match, which is apparent because it allowed its user to wipe out half of all beings in the universe with just a snap.

Not many people would think that even the mightiest superhero could go against that.

With all that being said, Thor quickly decapitated Thanos in the movie, meaning that the Titan isn’t much of a match against the Asgardian.

It’s also important to keep in mind that he didn’t die with everyone else during the event known as “The Snap,” a literal interpretation of what happened.

Since the legendary artifact wasn’t able to kill the superhero the first time, it’s not likely that it would if given another chance.

Result: Thor, the thunderous, wins in this matchup.


It seems that Thanos’s raw power isn’t enough to defeat Thor, even with the Infinity Gauntlet with the Infinity Gems.

The thunder king quickly dispatched the villain when the Infinity Gems were no more. Even with the most powerful objects in the universe, Thor survived the encounter.

This works out for the thunder wielder in this matchup, but it presents an inherent risk that someone evil could undermine him in the future, depending on the circumstances.

While keeping that in mind, who could actually defeat Thor in a one-on-one battle?

Most supernatural beings in his own world wouldn’t stand a chance.

There are many possibilities in the Marvel universe, even spanning different dimensions and time periods.

An obvious contender is Loki with the use of his tricks and illusions rather than brute force.

It’s also possible that one of the Celestials could as well.

A more interesting matchup is probably from a different fictional world, bringing up many more possibilities limited to the fans’ imagination.

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