Thor Vs Wonder Woman (Who Would Win The Fight)

In this article, we will be looking at a potential battle between Thor and Wonder Woman. It is interesting how these two characters contain such diversity. For example, Wonder Woman is based around Greek Gods, and Thor is based on Norse Gods.

While at first glance it would seem likely that Thor would win, but when you look at all the factors it is clear that Wonder Woman has much more going for her. Wonder Woman would win the fight with Thor thanks to a variety of weapons to choose from.

Thor is a Marvel Character and Wonder Woman DC. Thor is like the old-fashioned knights that rode into battle heavily armored but restricted in movement because of it.

Wonder Woman, come lightly armored and her capability is all about speed and agility, being able to attack fast from various directions.

Thor is restricted to one main weapon, with his trusty Mjolnir, whereas Wonder Woman can assess the situation and has a variety of weapons to choose from, in addition to her lasso.


Thor stories were firstly published at the beginning of 1960, which is almost 20 years after the first Wonder Woman story (as we’ll learn later in this article).

Let’s check Thor’s history and powers in more detail.

Publishing History

We first met Thor in the title “Journey into mystery”, which was an anthology.

It was published in August 1962. This was the second time that the name Thor had appeared, but the 1951 version was a different character.

They were searching to find a character even stronger than the Hulk and realizing that it would not be possible to create a human character like that, they chose to make him a Norse God.

The 1951 version has been drawn for DC and the later version for Marvel, both by the same artist.


Over the years there have been various origin stories for Thor.

We will focus on Thor as portrayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, since these days that character is the best know version.

In 2011 Thor was due to take over the throne of Asgard, following on from his father Odin.

However, Thor disobeys his father and travels to confront the Frost Giants, with his brother Loki and some childhood friends.

The result was a battle and Odin is forced to intervene to save the Asgardians, and in doing so he breaks the truce with the long-term enemy, the Frost Giants.

As punishment for his disobedience Odin banishes Thor to Earth as a mortal.

During his time on Earth as a mortal Thor meets Jane Foster and they form a relationship.

Meanwhile back on Asgard Loki seizes the throne Friends come to find Thor, but the destroyer tracks them and defeats them Thor offers himself up in their place and this action made him worthy to wield his hammer Mjolnir, which returns to him and enables him to defeat the Destroyer.

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Thor then returns to Asgard and challenges Loki and defeats him.

Thor admits to Odin that he is not yet ready to be king.

In 2012 Thor returns to Earth, this time with his powers. He finds Loki on a Quinjet as a prisoner of Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, and Steve Rogers.

Thor takes his brother but Stark and Rogers pursue him.

They catch up and have a small confrontation, after which Thor is convinced to take Loki to the flying aircraft carrier owned by Shield.

Thor then becomes a founding member of the Avengers.

Loki has escaped and opened a wormhole over New York City, through which the Chitauri army attacks the city.

However, this army is ultimately defeated by Thor and the Avengers.

Thor takes Loki and they leave Earth together with a power source called the Tesseract.

Now in 2013 and back on Asgard, he brings the Nine Realms into peace.

Jane Foster has disappeared on Earth and Thor returns to Earth to search for Jane.

Jane has accidentally released a dangerous force which Odin realizes is the Aether and warns that it will both kill Jane and bring a cataclysm to Asgard, which of course eventually happens.

The Dark Elves led by Malekith attack Asgard seeking Jane and Thor’s mother Frigga is killed protecting her.

Thor defeats the enemies of Asgard and returns to London with Jane, where he defeats Malekith (finally) in Greenwich.

Loki has been killed during these events and Thor returns to Asgard to tell Odin.

He is offered the throne but chooses instead to return to Earth to reunite with Jane.

Thor goes on through a series of adventures in the MCU. The origins and storyline had varied considerably from that in the early comics, most notably in the absence of Thor’s Earth alter ego, Donald Blake.

Powers and Abilities

Towards the end of the MCU series of appearances by Thor, he had gathered several powers and abilities. These included:

  1. Superhuman Strength
  2. Durability
  3. Rapid speed
  4. Rapid reflexes
  5. Exceptional agility
  6. The ability to heal himself.

Thor also had powers that were associated with Mjolnir (his hammer), and these include:

  1. Control over weather
  2. Lightning Manipulation
  3. Projection of energy

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an appealing character that appears in comics books since the beginning of the 1940s.

Let’s check her history and biography in more detail.

Publishing History

The character of Wonder Woman first appeared in October 1941 in All-Star Comics that was published by DC Comics.

Her character has been published almost non-stop since that first appearance.

Her official title is Princess Diana of Themyscira. In the outside world, she often refers to herself as Diana Prince.


Wonder Woman’s background has been changed many times in the various reorganizations that have taken place over the years.

The original origin story has Diana created as a clay sculpture made by her mother Queen Hippolyta who wanted a child.

The Greek Gods then gave her life as an Amazon.

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In 2011 DC made a major change to her background and she was instead the biological daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta, who was raised by her mother and aunts.

Over subsequent years she was rewritten so many times and there were huge differences in the character.

This included a period in the late 1960s when she was stripped of all her powers.

Originally, since she was first created during the war, Wonder Woman was mostly seen fighting Nazis and supervillains.

However, this gradually changed to her fighting supernatural deities and mythological characters.

Over the years Wonder Woman has gained quite an assortment of supervillains, all intent on destroying her.

The Wonder Woman character has been utilized in a variety of different media (TV, Radio, Film, Comics) and substantial amounts of merchandise has been sold over the years.

Powers and Abilities

  1. Superhuman levels of strength.
  2. She is lightning fast.
  3. Amazingly fast reflexes.
  4. She has incredible stamina.
  5. She is very resistant to damage.
  6. Regeneration
  7. She can fly.
  8. Extended life
  9. Master hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist
  10. Using Lasso of Truth,
  11. The indestructible bracelets,
  12. Throwing the projectile tiara,
  13. Sword and shield,
  14. invisible jet
  15. Divine empowerment

Wonder Woman has a substantial list of powers and is a strong opponent for anyone.

Remember Thor is a God and Wonder Woman is technically a Demi-God, so neither of them is human as such.

The Fight Between Thor And Wonder Woman

This battle between DC and Marvel heroes matches Thor, the God of Thunder, against Diana, daughter of Zeus, and a demigod.

Which one is the stronger we wondered?

Although one of them is based in the DC Universe, and the other is based in the Marvel Universe, they both are recognized as being majorly strong in their respective universe.

The two of them have a lot in common and so we will take a close look at what the possible results of such a fight would be.

Who Have They Beaten Already

One way of establishing who might be the more powerful is to take a look at who they have beaten in the past. We can then use that as a forecast of what might happen.

Thor has taken out some big players over the years.

For example, he has beaten Loki, Malekith, and Hela. That’s three tough opponents.

Then if we look at Wonder Woman, we see clear victories over Cheetah, Hercules, and Ares. These are no small fry either.

The big difference is typically Thor handles universal threats while Wonder Woman tends to have enemies that are much more personal.

God Vs Demi-God

Thor is a God, and that’s it, He is a God and has always been a God.

Wonder Woman, however, is a Demi-God, although she was for a limited time God of War.

The big difference in God v demigod is that a god is immortal, a demi-god is not.

Avengers and Justice League Memberships

Both Wonder Woman and Thor are members of a group and have allies.

Thor has the Avengers, and Wonder Woman has the Justice League.

So, which of those groups is stronger? This is one area where Wonder Woman scores, the Justice League has a lot more hitting power than the Avengers.

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We must not forget that Wonder Woman also has all the Amazon warriors, that’s a big fighting force.

What Do They Stand For?

Wonder Woman has been associated with various causes, like Feminism and Peace and as for Thor, well, he stands for … well, nothing really.

Diana is always getting involved in trying to spread peace and love, and with her Amazon heritage, she has clear support for feminism.

Thor, on the other hand, comes from a Royal Family and a pretty dysfunctional one at that.

Thor has been known to come over as just a tad arrogant and he tries to convince us that he has outgrown his troubled past, but has he really?

Thor And Wonder Woman Strenght And Weapons Comparison

We know that Thor is pretty strong and at first glance, he looks stronger.

But Wonder Woman has gone one on one with Superman and is a lot stronger than she looks.

I think if pushed on this one, I would have to say that Wonder Woman and Thor are nearly equally matched for strength.

Thor comes pretty heavily armed for battle and when he is wielding Mjolnir or Storm Breaker, he is a formidable opponent and can fend off most attacks.

Take those weapons out of the equation and Thor is not so resilient.

Diana is lighter-armed, faster, and more adaptable.

She is Amazon trained and an expert on combat and would likely give Thor some major problems.

Thor has Mjolnir and that is the secret to his combat.

On the other side, Wonder Woman has the lasso of truth. One against the other Mjolnir is probably the more powerful but Wonder Woman does not rely exclusively on one item.

She is far more likely to switch according to her current need.

Being able to choose from a selection of items, Wonder Woman has a clear advantage.

It depends on which storyline you are following as to exactly what powers these characters have.

At the moment they both have pretty much the same powers.

However, there is one extra one that Thor has, and that is he can control light. That power could be enough to decide the result of the bout.


Wonder woman is known to have given both Batman and Superman a hard time, she also beat every member of the justice league one to one.

That proves exactly how hard she really is. Without Mjolnir Thor would have no chance against Wonder Woman.

Even with his fantastic weapon, he is probably going to come off worse, so we have to declare that Wonder Woman has to be the winner of this battle.

It is hard to assess who would win battles such as this because the strengths and abilities of characters change so much over the years with new writers.

In movies, they often also have allies to fight alongside, and this is not the case in these one-to-one battles.

Finally, in the end, it is always going to be a subjective opinion, which might well be different on another occasion.

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