Venom Vs Hulk – Who Would Win The Fight

The Hulk and Venom, two capable fighters, but there can only be one winner.

It all comes down to which character has the weapon that is deadliest to their opponent.

In this case, one of them is armed with the perfect weapon.

Were the Hulk to fight Venom one-to-one, the result would be that the Hulk wins. The Hulk has a weapon in his armory that is called “The Thunder Clap,” which generates a sonic boom which is a BIG problem for Venom. The fight has only one possible conclusion, Hulk wins!

Venom Introduction

Venom is a character in American Marvel comic books.

He first appeared briefly in The Amazing Spider-Man #252 (May 1984).

His first substantial appearance was in The Amazing Spider-Man #300 (May 1988).

Venom is an alien symbiote with a very plastic, liquid form that survives by becoming one with its host,

The first symbiote host was Spider-Man who after discovering the true nature of venom manages to separate himself in The Amazing Spider-Man #258 (November 1984).

They joined together again for a brief interlude 5 months later in the comic, Web of Spider-Man #1.

Venom went on to merge with others, the earliest host being Eddie Brock.

It was during the merger with Eddie Brock that the character Venom was first defined.

Venom was originally portrayed as a villain, in fact as one of Spider-Man’s Arch Enemy.

But over time Venom has softened and as become an Antihero, as he modifies his goals of destroying Spider-Man and begins to have more positive goals.

Once Eddie Brock and Venom separated, there were other hosts, most notable of which were Mac Gargan, and Flash Thompson (with whom Venom/Thompson, became Agent venom).

Venom, in his Eddie Brock period, has been featured in several movies:-

  • Spider-Man 3 (2007)
  • Venom (2018)
  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021)

Many people view Venom as a negative image of Spider-Man.

Since 1984 we have seen a huge development of the character from an alternative costume design for Spider-Man to a major character in his own right.

Most stories have taken place in the Eddie Brock era.

The original idea for the costume for spider-Man, which later became a character in his own right, was devised by a Spider-Man fan, Randy Schueller, who sent a drawing to the editor Jim Shooter.

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Marvel was later to buy the concept from Schueller for the princely sum of $220.

This concept became merged with an idea for a costume made of self-healing biological material, devised by writer/artist John Byrne, who originally planned it for Iron Fist.

John Byrne went on to write the costume into the Spiderman comic but then left the title.

It was his replacement Ron Frenz who came up with the idea that the costume was actually a sentient alien life-form.

Venom Strengths

Venom requires a living host to survive, but despite this issue, Venom has developed a number of powers of its own, that it brings to each host.

First off, Venom as a symbiote has shapeshifting abilities: it is able to form defensive spikes or increase in size.

Using this ability it can also reform itself to appear as a clone of other human beings.

Venom has the ability to hide by changing his color to that of the background or by becoming completely invisible.

Because Venom had once been hosted by Spiderman, Venom has retained all of Spider-Man’s powers, which it can share with later hosts.

The future hosts are also undetectable by Spider-Man’s spider-sense.

Venom also has the ability, which it inherited from Spider-Man, to shoot out webbing, which it makes internally.

When Venom bonds with a host, it will substantially boost the strength, make the host larger, and give it a more muscular body.

The host’s teeth change into a non-human look and it also grows a large tongue.

Venom is described as being much bigger than Spider-Man and has more strength.

Venom has developed immunity, not only to Spider-Man’s spider-sense, but also to Ghost rider’s penance Stare, and some other powers.

In some versions of Venom, he is also able to replicate himself.

Venom Weaknesses

The primary weakness of Venom has to be that he requires a host to survive.

Venom is affected by the host and his behavior is influenced by the host he selects, meaning that Venom is sometimes evil and sometimes quite benign.

Venom is an alien symbiote from the planet Klyntar, which was created by Knull, who also created all the creatures that live there, including Venom.

Knull has the power to take control of all the creatures and force them to surrender to their bloodlust.

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This can cause Venom to behave irrationally on occasions.

As previously mentioned, Venom is able to shoot a webbing made internally, in the same way that Spiderman can, however, if he overuses this power, the webbing starts to be made from the Venom himself and weakens him.

There is a race of creatures known as the Wenophages who first appeared in Venom: The Hunted and these creatures prey on Symbiotes, eating their brains.

Their saliva will paralyze the Symbiote, leaving them vulnerable. The host is also at risk.

Venom is also at risk from another race of symbiotes who arrived at earth.

If they were to bond with Venom, they would take him over and the host at the same time.

Extremely loud o high-frequency sounds can cause the symbiote Venom to separate from its host.

Fire is also a powerful weapon against a disconnected symbiote.

The character Styx is basically composed of humanoid cancer.

Skin-to-skin contact with Styx will result in a deterioration in Venom, despite his self-healing powers.

Venom is very fond of Peter Parker and that is a weakness that can be exploited.

The Hulk Introduction

The Hulk is another fictional superhero from the comics published by Marvel.

Bruce Banner has an accident in a laboratory and is exposed to Gamma radiation, which results in him turning into a raging green monster whenever he gets angry.

The Hulk became a member of the Avengers team of superheroes, The Hulk has been a long-running character for Marvel and has appeared in a large number of stories.

Variations of the Hulk have appeared from time to time in different timelines, but the character is now deeply entrenched in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is a character that will probably continue into the future.

The Hulk Strengths

The Hulk is incredibly strong.

In fact, there is no limit to his strength, since his strength grows with his anger.

He is pretty much invulnerable and has the power to regenerate if he is damaged or injured.

His strength is only matched by his durability, speed, and stamina.

The Hulk is one superhero that you will not simply wear down.

The Hulk Weaknesses

The Hulk does have a few weaknesses that can cause problems, just to keep it interesting.

  • Magic – The Hulk is the victim of magic more than once, including Dr. Strange using magic to banish him
  • Ego – The Hulk just assumes he can beat anyone and does not always take time to strategize
  • Adamantium – This material can cut the Hulk
  • Mind Control – The Hulk has been the victim of mind control on multiple occasions by multiple opponents
  • Multiple Personalities – There are various versions of Hulk that can appear, none of which like each other or Banner
  • Cosmic Power – Of the type wielded by Silver Surfer can easily overpower Hulk
  • Hulk needs to breathe – The Hulk generally requires oxygen to function
  • Bruce Banner’s Father – A Constant threat to Banner, and therefore the Hulk
  • DC Comics SuperherosBatman and Superman have both beaten the Hulk
  • The Hulk is a sucker for puppies – which have been used to calm him down
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Hulk Would Win The Fight With Venom

The problem with these questions of who would win in a fight between two superheroes is that they are taken out of context and it is the context within such a battle that takes place that can have a major influence on who will win.

However, when it comes to the Hulk and Venom, I do not think that the context would have a great deal of influence on the result.

The reason is quite simple: The Hulk has the ability to create Sonic Booms that Venom cannot tolerate.

That together with Hulk’s boundless strength and durability make it certain that he will come out the victor in this fight.

The powerful Thunderclaps that Hulk can repeatedly create will be enough to separate Venom from his host, leaving him vulnerable and defeated.

A Symbiote without a host is not in a position to fight back, and history has shown us that Sound is Venom’s greatest weakness.

Even without the Sonic weapon, Venom would struggle to overcome the Hulk.

None of his weapons, including his extra strong webbing, would be enough to strike a knockout blow against the Hulk, and there is no way that the Hulk can be worn down over time.

Final Thoughts

Venom Vs Hulk fight would be an unforgettable fight to witness.

The green monster versus black alien symbiotic creature…

Only one of them can be the winner and it would be definitely Hulk.

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