What Are The Most Valuable Avengers Comics (Detailed Research)

The comic book collection is one of the biggest industries in the comic book market right now.

Fans and collectors spend thousands of dollars on buying the first edition fine quality piece of comic books from their original release times.

The most popular comic books in terms of collectivity are none other than Marvel comics.

But the prices of different versions of these comics can be different at times.

You might be wondering, what are the most valuable Avengers comics from Marvel?

ComicsAverage Price
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes$5000
Avengers #4$3000
Avengers #3$1000 – $5000
Avengers #8$500 – $3000
Avengers #2$1000 – $2000

In this article, I’m going to go over comic book grading, the value of Avengers comics, and how valuable these comics really are.

So, make sure you read this article till the very end because it might turn out to be a lottery ticket for you if you have any one of these comic books in your possession.

Comic Book Grading

When it comes to comic books, resale value mostly depends upon the quality of the print and the cover of the comic book issue itself.

Even for Marvel Avengers comics, the quality is very important for a higher price.

Generally, comic book auctions, pawnshops, and even online comic book collection websites use a scale by which they determine the value of a comic book.

Of course, this scale can vary at times but to make things pretty simple to understand for you, here’s a scale that is similar to almost all the comic book grading techniques used by collectors.

Near Mint – Near Mint, as you’d expect, is the finest quality of preservation for a comic book. Comic books with this condition usually go for the most and are the rarest.

Very Fine – When it comes to comic book grading, Very Fine is the next step from NM, which is also very high on the scale and can go for quite a lot of money.

Fine – Fine print is pretty great too. It lies around the top half as well and can go for a decent price, but that price is not as much as VF or near mint condition goes for.

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Very Good – As the name suggests, Very Good Quality is what lies right in the middle of the scale, and it can go for a very good price if the right buyer arrives.

Good – If you’ve had a comic book under minimal preservation, the chances are that the value of the comic book is going to be good. The price is average for this condition.

Fair – Fair isn’t that great when it comes to the comic book grading scale. You’re going to get a low price for this condition, only if the comic book issue is valuable itself.

Poor – In poor condition, you’re going to be able to find a buyer but only someone who can turn a slight profit off of the comic themselves. This means the poor condition is not something that collectors invest in.

Some appraisers also use a decimal scale which is actually very complex to understand.

For example, the scale can range from 0 to 10.

But the varying usually remains in close similarity to the scale I’ve mentioned above.

Avengers Comics Value

Marvel’s Avengers comics were started publishing in 1963, so they’ve been around for quite a while and have had many issues published ever since.

As a result, the value of the Avengers comic, in general, is pretty great.

Especially the 20th-century issues with different supervillains, Marvel Avengers, have had some of the most expensive buys and sells in the comic book collection industry.

Now, very recently, some incredible Avengers comic books have come out, including Avengers Secret Wars and others as well.

But the prices of these issues are not as high as the ones we’re ranking in our list simply because they’re much more recent, and some of them are still being published by Marvel.

So, if you’ve got an Avengers comic book at your disposal and thinking of selling it, learning about the value of the particular piece in a certain condition would be great for you.

Top 5 Most Valuable Avengers Comics

You might be wondering which of the Avengers comics has the most value when it comes to the comic book collection.

Well, for that, I’ve made a list that contains the top 5 most valuable Avengers comics that have made their mark in the industry.

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So let’s take a look at them – we’ll start with the less valuable comics and continue till we reach the comic book with the highest value.

5. Avengers #2

The second issue of the Avengers comic was an iconic one.

It was also released around 1963, and it was based around the appearance of the Space Phantom taking the shape of the Hulk.

Naturally, this led to a lot of confusion among the Avengers ranks and the initiation of many friendly battles between the Avengers like Thor vs. Hulk and many others.

This comic book might not be the rarest, but it is definitely one of the top-rated rare comics.

The highest record sale for The Avengers #2 has been more than $70,000!

But in G grade and VG grade, the Avengers #2 comic can sell anywhere from $1000 to $2000, even depending upon the collector and the bidding war if there’s an auction for it.

4. Avengers #8

When it comes to the most classical villains of the Marvel comics, Kang the Conqueror has to be on top.

Even though Kang has not been featured yet in Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has been the front-runner supervillain in the comics.

Kang the Conqueror came to conquer the Earth in the 8th issue of the Avengers comics.

This is what started the rivalry between the Avengers and the Mighty Kang.

When we talk about record sales, this issue has gone for quite a nice $15,000.

But record sale isn’t what we’re ranking here based on.

The ranking of Avengers #8 is better than Avengers #2 simply because of the fact that higher graded versions of the comic book can sell anywhere from $500 to $3000.

3. Avengers #3

Avengers #3 is also one of Marvel’s best and rarest comic book issues in the 20th century.

This issue contains one of the most iconic battles in Marvel history.

The mighty heroes of the Avengers team faced off against a returning Hulk and Namor the Submariner in a team.

Their battle was legendary, and the build-up was incredible.

Another great thing about this particular issue was the fact that it also featured glimpses of the X-men mutants and the heroes of the Fantastic Four giving rise to a co-existing superhero universe.

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In the past, this issue has been sold for well over $10,000, but in decent conditions, it can go anywhere from $1000 to $5000, which is a great deal if you’re thinking of selling it to a collector.

2. Avengers #4

Avengers #4 is the second most valuable Avengers comic on this list.

This is primarily because of Captain America’s arrival.

In addition, Steve Rogers was thawed out of ice and brought back to life in this issue and became an undying part of the Avengers team.

From here on out, many of the Avengers comics relied heavily on Captain America, and he almost took on a leadership role for the Avengers despite not being one of the original Avengers.

That’s what makes this particular comic book so iconic and legendary.

This comic has made a record sale of around $143,000, which is an incredibly high amount.

But even in fine condition, this issue can go anywhere from $3000 too much higher if you have got the right buyer and you know the value of this amazing issue.

1. Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

The top valuable Avengers comic in the world as of now is the original #1 issue of the Avengers, also titled Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

This is the first of the many Avengers comics that came out, and that’s one of the main reasons for its insane value.

This first issue of the Avengers comics has the original Avengers facing off against the Mischievous Loki to foil his plan of ruling the world.

It was the start of something incredible for Marvel, Jack Kirby, and Stan Lee.

Sold for a whopping $200,000 as a record sale, the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is one of the highest-selling comic books around the world, and even good condition copies can’t be found anywhere under $5000.


Avengers comics have released some iconic issues over the last 60 years.

If you have an issue or a collection at home, it could be well worth thousands of dollars, actually, depending upon the issue and the story of the comic.

I hope you learned a lot from this guide. Make sure you learn all there is about the grading of your comic books and their market value before you think of selling them because Avengers comics can be worth a fortune!

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