What Did Thanos Mean When He Said He Was Inevitable

While thinking about Thanos’ character traits and personality, it isn’t easy to pinpoint what he means when he says what he says.

One of his phrases in Avengers: Endgame, “I am inevitable,” seems to be describing himself and the fact that he’s such a powerful and dominating creature.

However, when considering this character, one has to think of the context.

In this case, he explains that the work always has to be done, suggesting someone else could have done what he did.

When Thanos said that his coming was inevitable, he didn’t mean him specifically. If he didn’t do what he was doing, then there would be someone else that would. In another sense, even if the Avengers were able to stop the Mad Titan Thanos at some point in an earlier time, it would be all for nothing because someone else would take his place. He’s comparing himself to a force of nature and personally removing him from his killings’ moral aspects.

There are some significant spoilers in this article about a catastrophic event in the fictional Marvel world, both in the movies and the comic books.

Background on Thanos, the Genocidal Destroyer

This character is closely aligned with death’s personification.

In Greek mythology, that being is called Thanatos.

He hated and was hated by mortals and mythological figures due to his indiscriminate and ruthless nature.

This aligns with the Marvel world’s villain as one of the most merciless figures of them all.

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He doesn’t seem to care when he kills half of the people on an entire planet or all existence in the universe.

Things get much more complicated from here, but that seems to be the extent of the similarities.

If you haven’t read the comic books yet, it’s essential to keep in mind that this villain’s character is somewhat different in the movies.

He’s portrayed as the traditional supervillain in the comics, making sense because his character was created in 1973.

He didn’t care about saving the universe; all he cared about was amassing power.

Instead of tragically being the last surviving member of his race, he invaded his planet and killed many of its members.

However, his character evolved into someone that better resembles the character in the movie.

At one point, the Silver Surfer asks for his help when Thor becomes mad and goes on a rampage.

He solved the issue, and Thor even thanked him.

In another case, he helps refugees from the planet Rigel-3 because one of his doubles destroyed it.

It appears that he doesn’t like it when things happen without him consciously willing it.

Continuing with Thanos’s association with death, he’s actually closely associated with the character Death in the comics.

In this case, the reason why he’s immortal is that Death banned him from the realm of the dead.

Death actually revives Thanos and abandons him at one point.

The relationship between the two is complicated due to the Mad Titan trying to romance Death.

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Part of his quest for killing so many beings is for this reason.

What Did Thanos Mean By Him Being Inevitable

In his exchange with Iron Man, the Mad Titan says that he’s inevitable.

This seems obvious from his dominant nature.

Who could stop such a powerful, resourceful, and intelligent villain?

While someone might have defeated him early on, it’s nearly impossible when he has the Infinity Gauntlet with the Infinity Stones.

It makes him an unstoppable force that not even a group of the mightiest superheroes can stop his mission.

One could think that only other Titans could stop him, but they’re all gone except for one.

The word inevitable means something impossible to avoid or escape; there’s nothing one can do to stop it.

In another sense, its existence is ensured and fated. It’s not just about being incredibly powerful and strong.

For instance, an average mortal can’t do anything to stop a superhero.

It doesn’t matter whether he or she is big and strong like Thor.

In the same sense, normal superheroes seem like mere mortals to the Mad Titan.

That ultimately seems to make him inevitable.

However, that wasn’t his meaning when he said that he was inevitable, although it may seem so if that’s the only phrase you’ve seen on the internet.

It’s a statement he repeats when he reveals that he destroyed the stones.

He states that the work is done, disassociating himself from it.

He also says, “it will always be,” implying that it even happens in all possible realities.

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This clearly signifies that what he did was bound to happen, no matter what anyone does.

If he died, someone else would take his place.

Another way to look at it is that death is inevitable for all beings at some point in time.

Thanos represents this role much like Thanatos does in Greek mythology.

In the end, it’s not good or bad; it just inevitably occurs.

This is a bit of a contrast with many other super-villains looking to control the world and gain as much power as possible.

Besides his dominating nature, that is the strongest connection to the comic books.


You can see that Thanos means he’s just fulfilling a role that he thinks is necessary when he says that he’s inevitable to Tony Stark.

Instead of taking full responsibility for his actions, he disassociates himself with the killings because he states that it would happen even if he didn’t do anything about it.

This implies that he’s as inevitable as death is, although it’s not as explicitly portrayed in the movies like it is in the comics.

This phrase makes it clear how powerless the Avengers are in stopping Thanos from his ultimate mission.

He’s one of the most dominant villains that they’ve ever faced in the biggest way possible.

That’s evident by his stature and his skills in planning and execution.

Many times, villains excel in one or the other.

However, this one has both talents, making him one of the most dominant fictional beings written about.

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