What Is Batman’s Real Name and Identity (Complete Explanation)

Batman is a fictional superhero introduced by the forerunner of DC comics in 1939.

The character lived in the imaginary Gotham City, which is loosely based in New York.

The real identity of Batman is Bruce Wayne, the son of Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne, who were prominent citizens in Gotham City and owners of the giant Wayne Corporation. Bruce Wayne poses as a socialite while secretly carrying out a crime-fighting career from a secret location under Wayne Mansion.

Bruce Wayne was a witness to the murder/assassination of his parents by criminal Joe Chill.

For many years it appeared to be a random killing, but later it became clear that Joe Chill was working under the instructions of a gangland leader.

Batman’s Family And Name Origin

The Wayne family goes back several centuries.

Members have played a role in the making of the USA.

However, the record of the Wayne Family goes back much further, and here are a few instances of family mentions.

King Arthur

Legendary King Arthur and his knights, in England, rediscovered the relic known as the holy grail, it was entrusted to one particular knight (and his descendants) to protect it. This knight was named Sir Gevain. These descendants would become (amongst others) the Wayne family, who would rotate possession of the hoy relic between the families. [Source: Gatman: The Chalice]

Norse Hero

Somewhere around the 10th century A.D. a Norse hero defeated the Frost Giant Hrothgar, with the help of a Viking Prince. This hero was referred to only as The Bat-Man. To commemorate this event a medallion was created, with one half going to the family of the Bat-Man, and the other half to the descendants of the Prince. [Source: Legend of the Dark Knight 35-36]

The Crusades

Later when we reach the 14th century we return to a knight named Sir Gawayne de Wayne, who was a Frenchman, and also a knight of the Court in Scotland. He died during the Crusades and as he had requested they embalmed his heart and sent it back to Scotland. It took some 600 years before his heart was reunited with his tomb. [Source: Batman: Scottish Connection]

Colonial Times in Early American History

A character called Nathaniel Wayne (a colonist from Scotland) was hunting witches residing in the Gotham colony. He used the name Malleus for this activity. Anyway, Bruce Wayne when he got lost in time arrived and as a disguise took the name of Mordecai, a fellow witch hunter. A witch called Annie fell for Bruce Wayne, but when he was whisked back to his correct point in time, she took her anger out on Nathaniel and cursed him and all his descendants, moments before she was hanged as a witch. [Source: Batman: Return of the Bruce Wayne #2]

1765: The Origin of Doctor Hurt.

Bruce Wayne, not one to have boring ancestors, had another one with links to the occult. Thomas Wayne was a cult leader, who had followers who were devil worshipers, and who had a sideline in human sacrifice. The point of the cult was to cheat death, which seemed to have worked for Thomas Wayne anyway, as 200 years later he came back to life as Dr.Hurt (in the time of Bruce Wayne). [Source: Batman & Robin #16]

The Revolutionary Years

During the American Revolt against the English, Darius Wayne was credited with burning British Ships. In 1795 patriot Nathan Van Derm designed a mansion for him as a reward. However, it was never completed for another 200 years, and it was only then that the family finally moved in. [Source: Batman & Robin #12]

The 19th Century

In the post-revolutionary years, one of Bruce Wayne’s descendants (Charles Wayne) cleverly invested in vast amounts of land at bargain prices. He was an astute manager and developed a thriving business, but died at an early age of 52, from Tuberculosis. The inheritance was split between his two sons, Joshua and Solomon Zebediah Wayne. It was they that bought Wayne Manor. [Source: Batman: The Shadow of Bat #45]

Joshua Wayne was an abolitionist and worked with the Underground Railroad which transported many former slaves to freedom in the north. Part of this route involved the caves under Wayne Manor (later to be used by Batman). He later became a federal judge and was also responsible for commissioning much of the curious Gothic architecture for which Gotham City is famous. Joshua died while fending off bounty hunters which had heard that the underground railroad passed nearby. His remains were not discovered until Bruce Wayne (Batman) found them many years later.[Source: Batman: The Shadow of Bat #45]

Solomon Wayne (Joshua’s Brother, married Dorothea who was substantially younger than him, and he had a child called Alan Wayne when he was in his mid-seventies. Solomon died at 104 years of age. [Source: Batman Secret Files & Origins #1]

Alan Wayne carried on increasing the family fortune, but his life had not been a happy one. In fact, he was suicidal when he came across Catherine Van Derm. They also met Bruce Wayne for brief moments when he was time-displaced. Alan and Catherine married, and they were the ones responsible for finally completing Wayne Manor. Alan was responsible for the growth of Gotham railworks and through Wayne Shipping he increased the family fortune (Wayne Enterprises) even more. Unfortunately, Catherine died giving birth to their only child, Kenneth Wayne. [Source: Batman Secret Files & Origins #1]

In 1870 the brand new Gotham City Botanical Gardens were funded by C.L.Wayne.

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The Early 20th Century

The aptitude for business was passed down from Alan Wayne to his son Kenneth, who expanded Wayne Enterprises and added Wayne Chemicals.

Unfortunately, he met an early demise, and his survivor Laura Elizabeth Wayne took control and raised their son named Patrick Wayne. Another Wayne couple would have been around at this time, Benjamin Wayne and Abigail Wayne. [Source: Batman Secret Files & Origins #1]

Patrick Wayne perhaps grew Wayne Enterprises faster than any previous Wayne, and he guided the expanding company past two world wars and the great depression, adding WayneCorp and WayneTech. Unconnected, there would have been Silas Wayne around at this time.

The Modern Era

Thomas Wayne (Bruce Wayne’s father) was the only son of Patrick Wayne, although Agatha was his elder sister.

Thomas Wayne spent his early years as a missionary in the Caribbean, before enrolling in Gotham university Medical School.

He became a respected doctor, and in turn, took over the reins of Wayne Enterprises with invaluable assistance from his wife Martha.

Martha was a part of the wealthy Kane family. Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane married and had a child Bruce Wayne.

Thomas and Martha died at an early age when they were killed by Joe Chill.

Final Thought

You can see from this account that Bruce Wayne had some interesting ancestors and that those ancestors built Wayne Enterprises and the family name in Gotham.

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