What Is Thor’s Hammer Made Of

Mjölnir is the trusty hammer of Thor.

He has accompanied Thor in his adventures from the very start, first as a guest in other people’s comics, and later in Thor’s own comic series. Wherever Thor has appeared, so has Mjölnir

In the Marvel comics, Thor’s hammer Mjolnir is constructed of the fictional metal Uru. Uru is the best metal if you also want the hammer to store magic as well. The only place to get Uru is in Asgard, home of the gods.

The Famous Hammer Was Not Created In A Normal Forge

There have been many stories over the years about how Mjölnir (btw., do you know how to pronounce it?) originated.

The most recent one in the comics is also used in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

The Thor movies tell of how Mjölnir was forged in the heart of a dying star.

The individuals concerned with forging the hammer were Eitri, Brok, and Buri, who were following Odin’s instructions to construct a superweapon for Asgard.

In order to achieve this, the three blacksmiths summoned up a forge in the middle of a dying star where they forged Mjölnir out of the Uru metal, gathered from Asgard.

This metal, unique to Asgard, is in the same strength levels as Adamantium (Wolverine’s Claws).

Mjölnir Took Out The Dinosaurs

Creating a weapon like Mjölnir is not a tranquil process.

In fact, the explosion caused by the construction process was so powerful that it was responsible for the mass extinction of dinosaurs on Earth.

The force was so strong that it almost destroyed the Earth completely.

Beware of Imitations Of The Hammer

Because of the power of Thor’s hammer, there have been many attempts to replicate it over the years.

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None of them, however, has been successful, and none of these copies have had the unique power of Mjölnir

Can The Hammer Bring Back The Dead?

The civil war comics arc was a long storyline and at the very end, Captain America is shot and killed.

Later on, in another comic, they decided they wanted Captain America back so it was announced that anyone who has sworn an oath over the hammer (which Captain America had) could be brought back from the dead.

Thor decided to use this ability to call Captain America back, so he could say goodbye.

Fine, it was a pretty good excuse to revive Captain America, but then they went and spoiled it later in another comic, where they denied it ever happened, and instead announced that Captain America had never been dead. (duh!)

You Have To Be Deemed Worthy To Carry Mjölnir

Thor’s hammer has magic which means that only the most worthy can lift the hammer and take advantage of the power it provides.

Other people who try to use it just cannot make it budge.

It is very much like the story of Excalibur where only Arthur is worthy enough to lift the sword from the stone.

A couple of times over the years in the comics, Thor has been judged unworthy to use Mjölnir,

The first time was when Odin banished Thor to Earth.

It then happened later on when there was an incident with Nick Fury, resulting in Jane Foster taking over the famous hammer.

Jane Foster was, of course, Thor’s big love interest in other stories and the MCU.

Characters That Have Lifted The Hammer

This list only includes people who have lifted the genuine Mjölnir and not those who have lifted fakes.

However, the list does include those who have found a loophole, a way around the magic.

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Awesome Andy

the first in our list got around the problem of the magic because he was not human.

The magic states that no other human who is not worthy can lift the hammer.

Well, Awesome Andy, who appeared in She-Hulk he was recast as an amiable legal assistant in the offices of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzburg, & Holliway.

It seems that the “Mad Thinker” had given Andy (who was an android) the ability to mimic other human beings.

He was able to copy Thor’s nobility and thereby lift the hammer.

That is the reason that he is working at the legal office, so he can pay off his legal bills.

Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill was the protector of his people, the Korbonites. he had been genetically improved especially to suit him for this role.

Anyway, due to a little mix-up between him and Thor, Beta Ray Bill managed to knock Thor unconscious, and Thor changed back to the form of Dr. Donald Blake.

Bill for some reason picked up Dr. Blakes’s walking stick and bashed it against the wall. As he did so he suddenly found himself holding Mjölnir.


When Mjölnir was first created on the orders of Odin, Odin was also able to carry the hammer.

Later on, Loki who was at that time woman (Don’t ask) in Thor #600, decided to resurrect Odin’s father.

It didn’t go well and Bor (Odin’s father) decided that Manhattan was a realm full of demons (he had a point) and started smiting people.

Thor had to intervene and the two fought during which Bor grabbed Mjölnir and held it for a moment before tossing it aside.

Captain America

If you think about it, Captain America can’t be any less worthy than Thor to hold Mjölnir, and that is how Captain America has managed to hold Mjölnir not just once but twice:

  1. Back in 1998 Captain America was doing a bit on the side as plain Captain and he came to visit his chums at the mansion. Among those chums was Thor. During this visit, Grog and the Demons of death attack, and for a moment or two Thor was pinned down out of reach of Mjölnir Captain America managed to reach the hammer and toss it to Thor,
  2. During “Fear Itself” Captain America had his shield broken by the Serpent and was severely lacking in weapons to attack the Serpent, when Thor, who was battling his uncle, dropped Mjölnir which landed in Captain America’s lap, proving quite useful for the attack on the Serpent.
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In an issue of “What If?” Thor who had been whisked back in time met up with Conan.

After a while, Conan realized what a superb weapon that Thor had in his possession.

In a battle with Conan’s enemy Thoth-Amon, Thor was laying near to death when he passed Mjölnir on to Conan.

We never actually got to see Conan using Mjölnir but he could certainly carry it.

Never mind it was a one-off story and was forgotten the next time we saw Thor.


Although generally on the same side Thor and Hulk have clashed a few times over the years, during several battles he has attempted to lift Mjölnir and has been unsuccessful in most attempts.

Once in a battle where Thor and Hulk were fighting Thanos, Thor tried to whack Thanos with the hammer but fell under the mind control of Thanos, allowing Hulk to catch the hammer and whack Thanos instead.

However, it has to be added that during this move Thor was actually holding onto the Hulk.


Well, that is the story of Mjölnir.

As you can see it is a pretty formidable weapon and without it, Thor is nowhere near such a deadly opponent.

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