Who Is Rune King Thor (Origin, History, Powers)

When it comes to comics there have been several versions of Thor.

These include Phoenix King Thor, Ultimate Thor, Unworthy Thor, Thor Odinson, Old King Thor, and Rune King Thor.

Rune King Thor is probably the strongest version of Thor if you compare them all.

In this article, we will take a look at how strong Rune King Thor actually is.

Rune King Thor is Thor taken to the very maximum of his potential. he achieves this by following the path taken by Odin, in such a way that he was able to gain many of those powers, as Odin once had. This involves a heavy sacrifice on his part, but given the circumstances that he found himself in, he had very little choice in the matter.

Rune King Thor – Origin And History

Rune King Thor first appeared in Avengers Disassembled.

In this story, a mystical force which is the spirit of Ragnarok has begun to kill the Asgardian Gods, one after another.

Thor starts to investigate this phenomenon and discovers that the universe itself is trying to destroy the Asgardians because they have so frequently cheated death by surviving previous attempts to fulfill Ragnarok.

Attempts that have been instigated by the Universe.

In this storyline Thor finally allows himself to be destroyed along with other Asgardians.

Rune King Thor is Thor supercharged with the Odin Force and detailed knowledge of the Norse runes.

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Rune King Thor is part of the main Earth 616 continuity timeline.

To get this knowledge and power he had to take a journey that would involve stages.

These stages are:

Learning From the Past

Odin once followed this journey and he pulled out one eye to gain knowledge from the past.

Thor went one better and pulled out two.

Learning about the Ancient Runes

He then went on to hang himself in chains in order to get a knowledge of the Runes.

After Thor had done these things he is given phenomenal powers, which include Rune Magic, and omniscience.

Achievements Of Rune King Thor

Let’s see what some achievements of Rune King Thor are.

Thor Kills the Mangog

When Rune King Thor teleported to the Kingdom of Valhalla he was almost immediately attacked by a Mangog.

The Mangog is said to have the strength of a million souls.

Despite this vast strength Thor managed to defeat him using just one arm.

Thor went on to completely erase all traces of it. Some stories say that Loki managed to reduce the power of the Mangog, but it is never specified how he did this.

Defeated Loki’s Army

Later Loki is boasting that he is Asgard!

He is stronger than Asgards and much more powerful than ever before.

Thor is unconcerned at these boasts and he turned the Uru’s weapons into simple wooden clubs and then destroyed Valhalla.

He went on to defeat and destroy Loki’s army and then defeats Loki as well.

Just to make his point he separates the body of Loki from his head while still keeping him alive.

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The strength of Thor just keeps growing and he goes to Nuspelhelm to ask Surtur to reforge his hammer Mjolnir.

Finally, he tears through the barriers between dimensions with one sharp blast of energy which links Muspelhelm, Valhalla, and Vanaheim.

Now that is power.

Victory in the Battle of Ragnarok

The main concern of Thor at this time was to break the cycle that was Ragnarok.

The cycle that required the destruction of Asgard The character “Beta Ray Bill” is transported away and Thor converses with him through telepathy.

Bill is told to retain memories of Asgard.

Thor eventually meets up with the Norms, a group of females that rule over the destiny of both men and gods.

They tell him that it is no use and he cannot destroy a fate that is already woven into the tapestry that depicts everyone’s fate.

This tapestry depicts both the past and the future.

The ones that sit above (the superior beings) were now getting concerned and offered to let

Thor joins them if he would give up this quest, but he turned away and destroyed the tapestry of fate, which ended the Ragnarok cycle.

This demonstration of raw power shows just how powerful Thor has become and the level on which he is manipulating events.

It turned out in the end that the Ones that sit Above, were celestial beings, who fed off the energies generated by the Norse Gods. Each cycle of the Ragnarok replenished their powers, like food.

The destruction of the Ragnarok cycle freed his people from this bondage.

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Rune King Thor Powers

Here is the complete list of powers and abilities of Rune King Thor:

  • He cannot be harmed
  • The same level of strength as other gods
  • The same level of stamina as other gods
  • He cannot die
  • He lives forever
  • Immune to all human diseases
  • he does not appear to age
  • He can transport physical objects by teleportation
  • He spies at the speed of kight
  • There is no limit to his speed
  • He is aware of the cosmic forces
  • He can predict events yet to happen
  • Supernatural Sensory System
  • Supernatural Sight
  • Telescopic Sight
  • Microscopic Sight
  • Supernatural Hearing
  • He is powered by Odinforce
  • Rune Magic is available to him
  • He can warp reality
  • He can manipulate the universe
  • He can make use of cosmic rays
  • Space-Time Manipulation
  • Matter Manipulation
  • Mind Control

Weakness or Limitations of Rune King Thor

Thor may be just full of powers, but he does also have one or two weaknesses.

  • However powerful he is, he is always subject to control by – The Living Tribunal infinitely.
  • Omnipotent beings are impossible for him to beat
  • Abstract beings such as Eternity and Infinity can easily defeat him.
  • Galacticus and Eternals are stronger than he is.


AfterThor had achieved the victories I described he never again appeared in comics.

It was a case that he had been made so powerful that he no longer fitted in any storyline.

That was the end of Thor. Of course, much later, a different version of Thor was resurrected and slotted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

One much more in tune with the other characters.

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