Why Is Red Skull In Avengers (Detailed Explanation)

If you’re one of the many enthusiasts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe who questions all the possibilities in the different canon timelines and multiverses, the existence of Red Skull in the Avengers Infinity War and End Game must’ve left you with some confusion as well.

You might be wondering, why is Red Skull featured in The Avengers?

The Red Skull was featured in the Avengers for the gatekeeping and protection of the Soul Stone. It also served as a good background to his potential return because it is imminent that he will be returning to the MCU and taking his revenge soon.

In this article, I’m going to talk about Red Skull in Captain America and how his plans were foiled. I’m also going to talk about his appearance in other Avengers movies and what his appearance could lead to in the future for the MCU.

So, make sure you read this article till the end because we’re going to address all your conspiracy theories and potential takeaways.

Red Skull in Captain America

Captain America: The First Avenger was chronologically the oldest movie related to the Avengers leader Steve Rogers based around the 1940s when Steve ended up being frozen in ice.

This was also the movie where Red Skull featured as the main villain for the first time.

Johann Schmidt was the former head of HYDRA, the special weapons division of the Nazi paramilitary organization known as the Schutzstaffel which was led by Adolf Hitler himself.

Schmidt became one of the few confidants of Hitler in World War II and was an active member of the war.

The plan of his organization was simple. To take over the world.

However, when this plan started to fail, Schmidt took a dose of Abraham Erksine’s Super Soldier Serum which was said to genetically enhance your abilities and give you superhuman strength and agility.

The problem with this dosage was that it didn’t have the effect on Schmidt that he wanted.

So, he ended up being disfigured heavily and thus gaining his name as Red Skull. Red Skull wanted to become the leader of the world and gain all the power to himself and was going to succeed at doing that but then our hero came into the picture.

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Steve Rogers, the first Avenger who was also given the Super Soldier serum stood against the menace that Red Skull was.

What Happened to Red Skull at the End of the First Avenger

To fulfill his plan of world domination, Red Skull found the remnants of a mystical space element on the surface of the Earth, also known as the Tesseract.

At this time, no one knew that it was an infinity stone, or as they say in the comics, a soul gem.

Red Skull found the Tesseract and wanted to utilize it for his personal gain, but Steve Rogers being the only Allies’ super soldier destroyed HYDRA facilities and boarded his plane when he was about to launch his offense against the United States.

Being incredibly angered by the actions of Captain America, Red Skull became impatient and wanted to use the Tesseract stone against him.

To do this, he touched the Tesseract bare-handed.

However, he was not able to withstand the power of the Tesseract, and at the time he was considered to be vaporized by it.

But that was only surface knowledge, in reality, Red Skull was teleported to another world.

Finally, getting rid of Red Skull, Captain America diverted the course of the bomber plane and ended up landing in the ice where his body was frozen for decades to come until finally being thawed out, and then joining the Avengers as their charismatic leader.

What Was Red Skull Doing In The Avengers

Red Skull has featured briefly as a flashback in the first Avengers movie, just to showcase the power of the Tesseract which is the focal point of the Battle of New York and Loki’s arrival to Earth.

Red Skull in Avengers: Infinity War

However, the shocking part came when we saw Red Skull in Avengers: Infinity War.

This scene came on when Gamora took Thanos to the planet Vormir where the soul stone was supposed to be.

Here the duo met a strange, dark, wraith-like figure, who was then revealed to be Red Skull. As he explained, Red Skull also sought the infinity stones at one point but he couldn’t possess them.

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Red Skull is nowhere the hubris power-hungry villain that he once used to be.

Now, he is only a gatekeeper, guiding others to a treasure he cannot possess, a creature without thoughts.

He held the Tesseract briefly before being teleported to planet Vormir, to protect and guard the soul stone.

His soul was bound to the infinity stone and he could not escape even if he tried to.

When Thanos asked how exactly the Soul Stone could be retrieved, Red Skull said, it can only be retrieved once you lose something you love, the price of a soul is a soul itself.

Upon hearing this, Thanos, with tears in his eyes pushed Gamora off the cliff, and in exchange for his loss, he was granted the soul stone, rendering Red Skull free to go wherever he pleased, his soul being unbounded to the soul stone.

Red Skull in Avengers: Endgame

In Avengers: Endgame, Red Skull was again featured as the gatekeeper to the soul stone held on Vormir.

This time, Black Widow and Hawkeye came to retrieve the stone by traveling back in time.

After fighting each other, Black Widow ended up sacrificing herself for the people and Clint Barton got hold of the soul stone which set the soul of the Red Skull free from his existential dread.

What’s most important about his appearance in Endgame, however, is the fact that in the end, Captain America is the one who took the responsibility of returning all the infinity stones to their respective timelines.

This simply means that after returning all the other infinity stones, Captain America would’ve surely come to Vormir and Red Skull must’ve been there waiting for him.

Fans have speculated a lot about this particular possibility and the producers, the Russo brothers have confirmed that this indeed happened although not on camera.

We’ve already talked about how Red Skull has no intentions of world domination anymore after being trapped on Vormir for more than 7 long and lonely decades, so there would’ve been no hostility.

It is quite nice to know that Captain America was able to get closure with his one true enemy when he went to return the soul stone before he decided to stay in the past and live out his life.

What Could Red Skull’s Appearance Lead To

So, finally, it all boils down to the speculations.

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What could Red Skull’s appearance in Avengers lead to, down the road, for future upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe projects?

Will the whole character of Red Skull with his comic abilities be featured as a super-villain again in the MCU?

Or are there no upcoming plans for his arrival back on Earth?

All these questions are completely logical and although there might not be a direct response from Marvel execs regarding the reappearance of Red Skull in the MCU, the multiverse theory can very well point to this fact.

With Marvel having introduced the Multiverse, it is only a matter of time before Red Skull comes back and gets his revenge for the decades upon decades of imprisonment he faced.

According to sources, after Thanos received the soul stone and after Hawkeye retrieved it, in both realities, Red Skull was free of his curse and his soul was not bounded to the soul stone anymore.

This simply means that if he didn’t want to live on Vormir anymore, he could just go anywhere because he didn’t have the curse of the gatekeeping of the soul stone on him that kept him there.

As Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, it will be incredibly thrilling to see Red Skull return as an Avengers level threat with all of his comic book superpowers including reality-bending.

The battle would be legendary and would pay homage to his character in the comic books.

Imagine Red Skull contemplating revenge over the course of several decades and finally coming back to Earth and finding out that Steve Rogers lived a happy life; It would completely push him over the edge and make for an epic movie for sure.

Let’s hope the guys at Marvel think about it and give us what we want.


Red Skull was one of the most iconic super-villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and one of the best ones to come across Captain America in Captain America: The First Avenger.

His motive, abilities, and his experience on Vormir must’ve made him an unstoppable and reckless force and his return could very well be imminent at this point.

I hope that you learned a lot from this article and that we’re able to see something regarding the infamous Nazi villain in upcoming projects to see when and where he’s going to make his devastating appearance.

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