Why Is Thanos Sitting In The Flying Chair

We all have a favorite chair, one where we feel most comfortable, and Thanos is no exception.

Thanos is famous for his “space chair.”

In this article, we will be looking at this chair in more detail.

Thanos is sitting in the flying char because it gives him the following abilities:

  • Faster than light travel
  • Teleportation
  • Dimensional travel
  • Force field
  • Emitting energy blasts
  • Float In The Air

Thanos is a true genius in every known aspect of science.

Thanos’ technology is an important element in his success.

His technology is far superior to what is known on Earth and the chair is no exception.  It is far more than just a place to rest a weary body, it is a mobile headquarters from which Thanos operates.

The Flying Chair And Psychology

In a moment we will look at the practical aspects of the chair, but first I just want to touch on the psychological value.

In “Avenger: Infinity War,” we hear Thanos talk of his “Throne,” notice the word throne rather than the chair is used.

To Thanos, it symbolizes “Power and authority.”

In the movie, he describes how he had always hoped that Gamora (his adopted daughter) would one day sit on the throne.

He clearly regards the chair as a symbol of majestic power.

This feeling is not quite so pronounced in the comic book stories where it is viewed more as a piece of technology.

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But even there, the ever-present demonstration of the superior technology of Thanos is a reminder of his power.

He is seen raised up above other characters which serve to set him apart.

Another curiosity that I am still trying to work out about several heroes of the Universe is that their clothes and weapons are parodies of medieval characters.

Why when Thanos has the power to repel and toss energy bolts, does the character need to wear heavy medieval armor, have a thick beard in medical style, and in the case of Thanos have a medieval design throne?

The appearance and the flying thrown design make use of this design to suggest power, but when the character, like Thanos, is a scientific genius would he wear uncomfortable clothing like that.

Advantages Of The Flying Chair

The chair/throne is a result of the super-intelligence of Thanos.

It is just one example of the technology that Thanos has mastered and used to his advantage.

The ever-present technology in which Thanos sits is enough to remind others of his supremacy.

It is also a base from where Thanos’ other technologies are controlled.

Faster Than Light Travel

Travellin at such great speeds enables Thanos to pursue anyone trying to escape from him and to roach his enemies so fast that they have no warning of his arrival.

Since this ability is controlled from the throne, which is nearly always with him, it is both convenient and efficient.

He is sitting there and can instantly head off in pursuit, instead of rushing off to a spaceship.

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With teleportation, Thanos is able to instantly transport himself anywhere.

Imagine trying to fight such an enemy, that can appear and disappear in various locations instantly.

However great force was confronting Thanos, he could always avoid them and attack from unexpected directions.

Dimensional Travel

With such a power Thanos can cross over into alternate dimensions that are out of reach of his enemies.

It is a power that very few of his rivals can even consider.

Most of his enemies rely on mutant powers and by his use of science and technology available from his genius.

Thanos is able to produce a variety of weapons.

Force Field

The defense is, of course, equally important as an attack, and the throne is equipped with a personal force field that defends Thanos from sneak attacks from his enemies, being free to concentrate on other matters than defense improves Thanos’ attack capabilities.

Emitting Energy Blasts

Thanos has great control of energy and through the chair, he is able to toss energy bolts at his opponents, once again giving him a substantial advantage over others.

Floats In The Air

The sheer advantage of floating on the air provides for both safety and psychological advantage over rivals that he is then able to look down upon.

Appearance Of The Flying In Comics And Movies

Thanos has appeared regularly in comics for decades now.

He has popped up in all sorts of scenarios in different comics and films.

There have been different storylines in different comics and not all of them are compatible.

In one case they tried to overcome the difference by claiming it was Thanos in a different timeline.

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But on other occasions, they just seem to hope that the readers and viewers do not notice the anomalies.

One thing has been fairly constant and that is that Thanos makes use of technology and the most visible sign of that technology has been the flying chair.

It is like a medieval-styled cockpit where Thanos fights his battles from a seated position.

Of course, most of these battles resulted in victory, although that is not always the case.

The sight of Thanos looking down at his defeated enemies from his throne is most emotive, just as we assume that when meeting other equals we assume he is in charge as he is seated in a raised position over the others.

Some people have said that Thanos’s weaknesses include a self-belief problem where he does not feel equal to what is expected of him.

I wonder if the chair and all the illusions that come with it are based upon this crisis of self-worth and used as a way of reassuring authority that he really does not believe he is worthy of.

I think that the repeated scenes that have Thanos seated in his flying chair are a reflection of this inadequacy in the character.,

Final Thought

When we think of the character Thanos we will always think of the flying chair.

I guess that when we think of Thor we will also think of his hammer, I wonder how many more heroes and villains are linked to a physical object in our mind. What do you think?

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