Wolverine Vs Black Panther – Who Would Win The Fight

A fight between Wolverine and Black Panther would be an amazing fight to witness.

You might be wondering who would win this fight, what strengths and weaknesses would play an important role in this fight.

Wolverine is a mutant with retractable claws in his arms and regenerative powers which accounts for his extended lifespan.

Wolverine would win the fight with Black Panther. The extended lifespan has given him vast experience. The Black Panther, however, is a worthy foe and just never gives up. The Panther is also brilliant and a great tactician. Ultimately it is going to come down to two factors: Adamantium, and regeneration. Wolverine will beat the Black Panther, but only just.

Wolverine Introduction

Wolverine comes from a frontier town in Canada.

This idea of a Canadian origin was a device to attract more Canadian interest in reading comics.

Wolverine’s date of birth was given as 1892, but in some timelines, this is contradicted by saying that Wolverine fought in The American Civil War, which took place from 19861 to May 1865.

Wolverine is an extremely long-lived character and this will give him a wealth of experience that the Black Panther just does not possess.

Adamantium is stronger than Vibranium, so if the two clash it will be the Vibranium that breaks first.

Secondly, the regeneration powers are the same as giving Wolverine a never-ending supply of reinforcements, which the Black Panther just cannot match.

Wolverine is seen as a severe character, often quite grumpy, a character who is often been accused of being insensitive.

However, he is far more caring, loyal, and self-sacrificing than people realize.

He will usually stand to defend someone who requires his assistance.

There is a conflict between his violent outbursts and temper, and the dialogue when he shares with young people that violence isn’t the best option.

Wolverine will slay his opponents but those who are not a threat are not at risk. Few are spared his sarcasm and his blunt speech.

He also demonstrates insecurity on occasions.

He is very much a solitary figure but sees the X-Men as a family unit and Kitty and X-23 like daughters.

Wolverine Strengths

Some of Wolverine’s powers are a result of his mutant genes, others have been added later to enhance his strength, and what an upgrade is the Adamantium coating on his skeleton.

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Defensive Powers

Some of Wolverine’s powers are defensive and more passive than others.

For example, Wolverine has complex powers of regeneration and healing which allow him to quickly recover during a fight.

This power can be affected by the Adamantium which can cause a temporary loss.

Wolverine also has a defense against Psionic attacks from opponents that have that ability.

This power has proved very useful in past storylines.

Attacking Powers

Other powers are active and could be described as Offensive powers.

These would include the following:

Claws – Wolverine has natural bone claws which are for most of the time covered completely in Adamantium. This ultra-strong material makes Wolverine’s claws a very dangerous weapon indeed, with which he can slash and punch.

His claws fully interact into his arms when not in use and the skin heals over.

The next time he needs to use the claws they punch through the skin again.

Canine Teeth

Wolverine has strong natural Canine Teeth that can be used as a weapon should he so wish.

With his canine teeth, he can rip and tear at his opponents in frenzied attacks.

Of course, Wolverine also is the possessor of superhuman agility, speed, and strength, which makes Wolverine a formidable opponent.

Wolverine Weaknesses

Wolverines’ biggest strength is the Adamantium Covered skeleton and claws.

It is true to say that they are also his biggest weakness as well.

They are sometimes attacked by the Adamantium covering and can fail unexpectedly.

Not knowing that your main weapon is going to remain working can be very stressful for him.

Black Panther introduction

Black Panther is a fictional character appearing in Comic Books published by Marvel Comics.

The character was created by Stan Leee and Jack Kirby, first appearing in “The Fantastic Four” #52 which had a cover date of July 1966.

Black Panther is the King and protector of the fictional African nation of Wakanda.

His real name is T’Challa.

Black Panther was the first African superhero in mainstream comics.

Other black superheroes came much later than Black Panther:

  • Falcon – 1969
  • Luke Cage – 1972
  • Blade 1973
  • John Stewart – as Green Lantern – 1971

The Black Panther is a ceremonial title that is awarded to the Chief of the Panther Tribe, in Wakanda, an advanced African Country.

He is also the paramount chief of all the tribes in Wakanda.

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The Panther costume is the symbol of office of those in the role of Chief (head of state) and is worn much of the time.

Becoming the Panther is hereditary, however, there is still a requirement to earn the title.

Many years ago a meteorite made of the fictional material Vibranium landed in Wakanda and was unearthed. The King at the time, T’Chaka, realized that it would attract foreigners to exploit the country.

In an attempt to avoid this happening, the Kings hid Wakanda from the outside world.

Both of T’Chakas wives met an untimely end and T’Challa was brought up single-handedly by his father.

T’Chaka was later murdered by Ulysses Klaw in an attempt to seize the Vibranium Mound.

The young man T’Challa fought back by using Kaw’s sound weapon on Kaw and his men, an action that chattered Kaw’s right hand are forced him to retreat.

T’Challa had to pass the trials to become Panther, as he was next in line to the throne, but until he was ready his uncle passed the tests and took the throne.

During T’Challas walkabout (part of the trials) T’Challa met Ororo Monroe and fell in love.

Ororo was destined to become Storm (one of the X-Men).

T’Challa broke off the relationship so that he could focus on avenging his father and become King of Wakanda.

T’Challa fought the Wakanda Champions as part of the trials and won, becoming Black Panther.

He immediately instigated a number of actions, like shutting down the secret police, selling some of the Vibranium to amass vast wealth which was spent on armaments and advanced technology.

Later in an act of diplomacy, he selected Dora Milaje from rival tribes to serve as his personal guard.

Finally, he went abroad for a while to study, before returning to become the King full-time.

To test that he is ready to exact his revenge on Klaw he invites the Fantastic Four to Wakanda, so he can attack and neutralize them one by one.

Whilst he did quite well, the Fantastic Four teamed up and made a counterattack, at which T’Challa stood down and explained his motivation for the attack.

They make their peace and T’Challa helps them against Psycho-Man and T’Challa joins the Avengers.

He had further adventures with the Avengers but was called back to a troubled Wakanda.

He returns bringing American Singer Monica Lynne with him.

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There were many adventures later but space does not permit telling them on this occasion.

Black Panther Strengths

Kings of Wakanda ingest a herb that is tinged with elements of Vibranium and this serves to increase their power but only to high human levels.

  • He is able to call upon the strengths, knowledge, and experience of previous Panthers
  • Peak athletic ability for a human and the highest level of sense
  • He is an expert in hand to hand fighting
  • Super-intelligent
  • Highly proficient tactician, strategist, and inventor
  • He has invested in complex Vibranium based technology

Black Panther Weaknesses

The Black Panther by his very nature is devoted to Wakanda and holds strong nationalist views.

This can have an impact on his view of the wider picture.

The Black Panther is not superhuman or a mutant, he is just a human who has trained physically and mentally.

He was obsessed with revenge for his father, clouding his thinking.

He has no protection against magic.

Wolverine Wins The Fight With Black Panther

The biggest advantage that Wolverine will have against the Black Panther is that he has the ability to regenerate and heal fast.

This stops the Panther from winning by slowly weakening Wolverine with multiple blows.

The Black Panther counters with his amazing superintelligence and is able to work his way around problems.

Both the Black Panther and Wolverine are very skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Black Panther is loaded with Vibranium and is protected by its shock-absorbing qualities and has claws that are made of Vibranium.

He also just never backs down and will carry on fighting indefinitely.

A one-on-one fight between Black Panther and Wolverine is a tough fight to call, but in view of his greater fight experience (he is 195 after all) and his Adamantium coating, which is slightly stronger than Vibranuium, I think we have to award this fight to Wolverine.

It saddens me to say that Wolverine will win as the Black Panther is a far more likable character which had me rooting for him in this fight.

But even I, a great fan, had to admit that in the end, it would be Wolverine’s day on the field of battle.

Final Thoughts

Wolverine vs Black Panther fight is one of the fights that I enjoyed thinking about.

All the possible scenarios had just one winner and that was the Wolverine.

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