Wolverine Vs Sabertooth – Who Would Win The Fight

Two mutants with common ancestry, evolving from Wolves instead of Apes, Wolverine and Sabertooth have been enemies all of their very long lives.

Sabertooth would win the fight with Wolverine. In our final fight between Wolverine and Sabertooth, these two characters are more alike than any other opponents before. They have similar powers, similar experiences, and a mutual dislike. In a fight between Wolverine and Sabertooth, it would be a close battle, and both would suffer damage, but by a small margin, Sabertooth would become the victor.

Sabertooth Introduction

Sabertooth is a character from the Marvel Universe.

Frequently features in X-Men stories, as an opponent of Wolverine.

The character first appeared in “Iron Fist #14), dated August 1977.

The first appearance was as a no-superpower serial killer but later written as a mutant.

Sabertooth was born Victor Creed. There is not a great deal known about Victor Creed’s youth.

He suffered abuse from his father who was disgusted by his mutant nature.

He was frequently beaten and left chained in a dark basement.

As an adult Victor Creed was living in a small Canadian frontier community and was already becoming known as Sabertooth by 1910.

Most people found him intimidating.

One person that did not was a young man named Logan.

Sabertooth sensed that they both had a great deal in common, as mutants.

Sabertooth was jealous of Logan who had a girlfriend, a young Indian, named Silver Fox.

Sabertooth rapes and assaults her, leaving Silver Fox for dead.

This is when Sabertooth and Logan (who later became Wolverine) fought the first time.

Both Wolverine and Sabertooth took part in the Supersoldier Program, during the cold war.

Sabertooth saw Wolverine as a threat and intentionally antagonized him, leading to intense competition between them both.

The fight ended with a win for Sabertooth.

Neither character realized that Silver Fox survived, and she left town.

Nothing more was heard of Sabertooth until the 1960s when he appeared in Team X, a special intelligence unit run by the CIA for the Weapon X Program.

Wolverine was also in this unit, but neither character recognized each other because of false memory implants provided to Weapon X by Psi-Borg.

When Team X was disbanded, Sabertooth went off as an independent mercenary and became famous as such.

Later he clashed with Wolverine who was acting on behalf of the Canadian Government Department K.

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This was just after Wolverine had the Adamantium coating for his skeleton.

Sabertooth took Wolverine by surprise and attacked him, but was unsuccessful due to Wolverine’s Allies coming to his aid.

Later Attacking Wolveinebecame an annual event has Sabertooth attacked on his birthdays.

Sabertooth gradually became more like an animal and developed a furious bloodlust.

Sabertooth and Wolverine fought many times during the so-called Mutant Massacre.

Later attacked Wolverine during his marriage to “The Viper” on Madripoor.

After temporarily being forced to cooperate the fight continued and Wolverine tore out Sabertooth’s heart with his claws and Apocolypse removed the Adamantium for Sabertooths skeleton, and used the Adamantium to bond to Wolverine’s skeleton instead.

With no healing powers, Sabertooth was left for dead but survived in a weakened state.

There was a further fight where both Wolverine and Sabertooth were stripped of their powers before the fight.

This fight resulted in both of them lying near death, but once their superpowers were returned they were both cured by their healing power.

There is still no final resolution in this war between Sabertooth and Wolverine.

Sabertooth Powers

Sabertooth has very similar powers to Wolverine being very similar in their origins.

For a long time, Wolverine believes that Sabertooth is somehow related to him.

Some sources (Movies) say that Sabertooth is Wolverine’s older half-brother.

In the world of comics, they are not.

Sabertooth powers are:

  1. Superhuman strength
  2. Superhuman Stamina
  3. Superhuman speed
  4. Extensive durability
  5. Fast reflexes
  6. High levels of agility
  7. Animal-like senses
  8. Extended longevity
  9. Regeneration when damaged
  10. Slowed aging
  11. Resistance to diseases, viruses, poisons, and illnesses
  12. Retractable claws
  13. Sharp teeth
  14. Adamantium Covered Skeleton

Sabertooth Weaknesses

Sabertooth is vulnerable to the Muramasa Blade which has a part of Wolverine’s soul in its construction.

This blade can nullify the healing powers normally protecting Sabertooth.

Wolverine Introduction

Both Wolverine and Sabertooth come from the same frontier town in Canada.

This idea of a Canadian origin was a device to attract more Canadian readers.

Wolverine’s date of birth was given as 1892, but in some timelines, this is contradicted by saying that Wolverine and Sabertooth both fought together in The American Civil War, which took place from 19861 to May 1865.

Wolverine is a mutant with retractable claws in his arms and regenerative powers which accounts for his extended lifespan.

Wolverine is a strong-willed and headstrong character who is often been accused of being insensitive.

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However, he is far more caring, loyal, and self-sacrificing than people realize.

He will usually stand to defend someone who needs his help.

There is a conflict between his violent outbursts and temper, and the dialogue he shares with young people as he tells them that violence isn’t the best option.

Wolverine will slay his opponents but those who are not a threat are spared.

He is very much of a loner but sees the X-Men as a family unit and Kitty and X-23 like daughters.

Few are spared his sarcasm and his blunt speech.

He also demonstrates insecurity on occasions.

Wolverine Trivia

  1. Wolverine first appeared in the very last panel of The Incredible Hulk #180. He had a substantially larger role in issue #181.
  2. Wolverine was born James Howlett, in Northern Alberta, Canada. His real father was Thomas Logan and he later adopted the name logan
  3. Magneto ripped the Adamantium from Wolverine’s body, causing his regenerative powers to cease functioning.
  4. Itsu, a Japanese Woman was Wolverine’s first wife. She was killed by Winter Soldier
  5. The son of Wolverine is Daken, another mutant with similar powers.
  6. X-23 is Wolverine’s clone and later adopted daughter.
  7. Wolverine’s girlfriend, Daimon Hellstrom, and Ghost Rider helped Wolverine escape from Hell.

Wolverine Powers

Wolverine’s powers come and go through various storylines.

He is constantly losing and regaining powers.

Some of his powers are powers that have been added during his life through artificial means.

Other powers are a result of his mutant DNA.

Wolverine powers are:

  1. Healing Power
  2. Claws
  3. Psionic Shields
  4. Canine teeth
  5. Superhuman Speed
  6. Agility
  7. Strength
  8. Hot Claws

Wolverine’s fighting style has changed over time.

At first, he would rely a great deal on his regenerative powers but over time he has studied and learned numerous martial arts and now depends much more on his skills to take the attack to his opponent.

His claws are a deadly weapon with which he can rip and tear most materials, as well as penetrating the body with stabbing motions.

Since these claws are part of his anatomy, he is very much at one with them when he fights, it is much more integrated than holding a weapon.

Wolverine Weaknesses

The biggest weaknesses have shown up in the periods where Wolverines regenerative powers are not working as they should do.

If you have been used to instantly recovering from wounds, finding that the wounds do not heal can make a big difference and will make Wolverine much more defective, so that he does not acquire serious wounds.

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Sabertooth Would Win The Fight With Wolverine

Wolverine has faced Sabertooth on several occasions and in different circumstances.

On most occasions, Sabertooth has come out on top, but this has been because Wolverine was taken by surprise or was already weakened.

If we now suppose a fight that is arranged and there is no tactical advantage provided by surprise, and all powers are fully working, then Wolverine has the edge and will come out the winner.

Sabertooth has generally fought as a mercenary and not fought for any worthwhile cause.

On most occasions Wolverine has fought for a cause, to protect others, or for other genuine reasons.

This motivation makes Wolverine more committed to victory than Sabertooth who has no real motivation.

Some fights Between Sabertooth and Wolverine

As there were already several fights between the two, let’s take a closer look at them to see who was the winner.

Fight Scene X-Men Movie 2000

An example of Wolverine being taken by surprise is the sudden attack by Sabertooth from the bushes, just moments after Wolverine had discovered he was near.

In this contest, Wolverine was beaten, but friends came to his aid.

Something unlikely to happen with Sabertooth.

FightScene at Statue of Liberty

In this scene, Wolverine is much more prepared for the fight but he does take a series of blows at the beginning of the fight, with Sabertooth attacking most of the time, but as Wolverine adapts to the situation he gradually uses tactics against Sabertooths sheer force, and ultimately buy using resources available to him comes out on top,

X- Men Origins – The Bar

Another victory by Sabertooth, but this was when he had the advantage of Adamantium.

X- Men Origins – The island Fight

In this scene, it is Wolverine who is on the attack and he comes out fighting, immediately scoring some hits on Sabertooth, and ultimately beating him.

Final Thoughts

After doing my initial research for this article I had decided that Wolverine marginally would come out on top in a fight between Wolverine and Sabertooth.

It would be very close, but it would be a Wolverine win.

However, on reviewing the evidence and thinking again, I concluded that I was wrong and Sabertooth would win.

That is how close this contest really is.

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